School Leaver Programme

Congratulations! Your days as a secondary school student is finally over. Whether it is completing your SPM or STPM examinations, we know that it is definitely a big step into the next phase of your life. After studying for months in preparation for the exams, you are definitely looking for something fresh and relaxing, and we would like to offer that in the form of our School Leaver Programme which we designed specifically for you. In this programme, you will have an opportunity to learn about what the future would hold for you either with work or furthering your education, make new friends, meet camp facilitators and gain from their personal experience about studying and working.

In camp, you will learn more about your own unique personality, interests and values, along with how you can harness it to build a more successful future. The camp also covers aspects of business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, challenging each of you in areas of strategic and creative thinking in a safe and engaging environment. Skills like building your own CV, how to handle interviews, as well as presentation skills are among the few things you will get the opportunity to learn as we empower each of you to become inspiring and successful leaders. You will also get to hear from different working individuals who will share their experience in choosing their study and career path and how they are continuing on their journey to reach their ultimate goal.

One thing we hold firmly in our camps is our learning models. In Leaderonomics, our philosophy of learning is for people to go through experiential learning using games or complex simulations. So be rest assured that we will not be instructing you what to choose, but we will create environments, situations, experiences where you will naturally discover and learn on your own capacity. After each experience, everyone will get some time to reflect and share. Who knows, you may even provide us with a fresh perspective of what you have learnt that we have never imagined.

We believe that after you are done with camp, you will be able to ask yourself “What’s Next”, but now with a better understanding of yourself, your personality, your career choices and the means to get to where you want to go.



Ages 17 – 19

Date   :   16 – 18 December, 2019

Venue   :   TBA

Camp Fee   :   TBA*

*fees are not including SST charges & processing fees
**more details will be out soon, we thank you for your patience



For any other specific inquiries, email to us at or call us at 03-5626 0028.

We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries and help you to understand our work here in building this nation through the development of the youths in Malaysia.