Strategic Retreat


“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”

– Sun Tzu

Why it’s important?

Strategic retreats offers an opportunity for meaningful discussions and important decisions that can shape the direction of the organisation. Taking a step back allows for organisations to:


The Process


Organisations approach Leaderonomics for strategic retreats for a myriad of reasons. Based on our client’s needs and objectives, Leaderonomics would then craft a solution unique to that organisation. Listed below are common areas to which organisations engaged Leaderonomics for strategic retreats.


Vision & Mission

This programme is designed to give managers and senior leaders a clear understanding of how to create alignment, engagement and performance through strategy and organisational culture. By the end of the course, participants will:

1) Be clear on the agreed Purpose of their organisation.
2) Be able to describe what makes a high performing team.
3) Understand the importance of aligning Strategy, Culture, People, Organisational Structure and key
leadership behaviours.
4) Understand the importance of processes in innovation and decision making.
5) Understand the effect of decision making on organisational performance.

Action Planning

This programme is designed to identify constraints which typically hold back an organisation from achieving greater performance by using various tools through facilitation of an experienced facilitator. Action planning also helps in identifying the quick wins prioritisation to propel the companies identified forward.


Culture Transformation

A complete transformation of an organisation’s culture goes beyond what a mere two-day workshop can offer. The diagram below represents the four phases of intervention that can potentially be undertaken as part of the culture transformation journey for your organisation.


C-Suite Teambuilding

This programme is designed to simulate corporate life in today’s VUCA world, teaching participants the importance of having a clear vision and disseminating that message organisation wide to ensure successful, quality, and timely delivery of service regardless of complexity through team building activities. The objective of the retreat is to:


• Incorporate values of teamwork, trust and accountability.
• Ensure successful and timely delivery of projects no matter how complex
• Re-establish alignment between personal goals and organisational goals
• Teach participants about operational excellence


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