Auntie Shanti

Auntie Shanti
Auntie Shanti’s full name is Vijayarani but everyone addresses her as Auntie Shanti or Auntie Kacang. This is because she is a tit bits supplier for past 20 years especially at Phileo Damansara 1 & 2. She supplies various types of chips, nuts and muruku to all of the offices here.
Originally Auntie Shanti is from Port Klang where she completed her STPM at STAR school Klang. Married with three kids, two boys age 27 and 25 respectively, and a daughter who is currently 19 doing her STPM at high school Kajang where she is living right now.
Auntie Shanti works as a receptionist at Leaderonomics Sdn Bhd since March 2013. Besides being a receptionist, she also helps the finance department to do all the staff’s claims, arranges interviews for new candidates, and buys groceries for the company. She also helps out to take care of the company’s maintenance matters and is part of the health and safety committee.
Besides all these, Auntie Shanti spends most of her time in helping out people in need. She spends her time in teaching and counselling those who are involved in various problems, especially the youngsters. It has become her passion and she enjoys doing it.
Auntie Shanti believes that she has to do some kind of good deeds as long as she lives in order to express her gratefulness for the life given by the Almighty God. So let us be a blessing to one another.