Alvin Teoh

Alvin Teoh

Alvin is a part of the Leaderonomics Campus team as a Senior Analyst. Armed with a passion for young people on one hand and a cup of coffee on the other, he is on a mission to develop university students and young adults to stand out in the workplace and in the world; both in competency and character. In his time here, he has delivered programs including training, facilitation and assessment work for corporate companies such as Axiata, Talent Corp, Malaysia Airlines, Astro, Alliance Bank etc., as well as private and public universities in Malaysia.

Alvin came into Leaderonomics Campus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling. Since his teenage years, he finds interest in the complexities of human thinking, emotion and behavior. He is also curious about the workings of human relationships, especially in families. Thinking that the best way to understand people is through helping people, he set out on a path to be a licensed and registered counselor, which is currently in its final stages.

Alvin possesses valuable experience in training and developing young people. In his prior attachment to HELP Matriculation Center (HMC) at HELP University, he helped develop a Personal Development and Leadership syllabus for the HMC Foundation Program. On top of that, he was also part of the working team in the development and operations of the HMC Leadership Camps, including training and facilitation in the camps. He was also tasked to be the lecturer advisor to the HMC Student Facilitators, a student body formed for the purpose of teaching and training students in the art and science of group facilitation.

Prior to Leaderonomics and counseling, Alvin found joy in teaching. He first worked at Sri KDU Primary School as an English and Physical Education teacher to many bouncing balls of energy. Then he moved on to HMC at HELP University to teach Psychology and Personal Development and Leadership. He enjoys engaging the minds of young people and lead them to learn the theories from multiple perspectives so as to broaden their mindsets. He also enjoys injecting fun into his classes as he believes that fun is an essential element in the learning process.

In his spare time, Alvin enjoys exploring the world of coffee and latte art. He has coffee machines both at the workplace and at home. Together with his wife, he enjoys having people over to his place for a chat or a round of board games over cups of hot brew