Our Culture

Commitment and passion, salted and peppered with a whole lot of fun

The Leaderonomics Culture

At Leaderonomics, we have a unique culture that can we term Culturonomics.  We believe that culture is made out of experiences and beliefs.  And so, we have intentionally worked hard to create a distinct Leaderonomics culture with our own unique beliefs that every single employee subscribes to.  Our culture is based on 2 alphabets – B.E.  We believe that we will go “Beyond Expectations” in everything we do.  Our cultural beliefs are based on 5 key B.E. Statements. They are as follows:

  • Be Agile –
    • I find opportunity in all circumstances and will adapt myself to thrive in them
  • Be Courageous –
    • I am open to honest and authentic conversations and feedback
  • Be Accountable –
    • I take personal ownership to deliver on all expectations entrusted to me
  • Be Excellent –
    • I accept challenges and exceed expectations in all that I do
  • Be Synergistic –
    • I actively seek out and lead collaborative opportunities

As Leaderonomers, we live these beliefs in everything we do. Our entire culture revolves around these beliefs. Our leadership, systems & structures (processes), and even our business model and strategy revolves around these cultural beliefs.

The “Naughty But Nice” Culture

Amidst the sounds of fingers rattling away at keyboards and the low drones of the printer, the voices of several Leaderonomers standing by the printer float throughout the Leaderonomics office. One person makes a clever remark, and in the next moment, they burst out in corporate laughter. We observe a migration of people towards the group to join in the conversation. One feeds off another, yet another feeds off the momentum, and soon, we have the entire Leaderonomics crew standing together erupting in laughing fits.

This is a typical day at Leaderonomics. Of course on birthdays, the initiation of new employees, farewells or whenever opportunities arise, we crank up the creativity a little. Whether it be replaying Rapunzel by tying towels together and throwing them down from the highest floors of Phileo Damansara I’s Block E, or planning our very own Leaderonomics World Cup, we endeavour to maintain a level of jest in the workplace.

Our antics between hard work are of varying sorts. One week day night of the week, employees turn into badminton warriors swiftly maneuvering like slick ninjas on the court, living up to Malaysia’s reputation in the sport. We even have our own Leaderonoms FC. For opportunities to upskill or to learn new things, look no further than our Learning Fridays, which cover topics from Nurturing Creativity, Mindmapping all the way to Camera Skills and Publishing Insights. We also holiday yearly together as a group (along with our families) and our playful word fights are gold.

Fun seems to hit several birds at one go. As much as we laugh together, Leaderonomers testify to a strong sense of camaraderie, which translates to better engagement as a team to tasks, projects, and more importantly, more fervent commitment to the vision of our company to transform our nation through leadership development. Work is not all play, but we make time for it.

As Geraldine Sebastian, Leaderonomics’ first employee puts it, we implement “scheduled play”. It’s been said: a team that plays together, stays together. And the Leaderonomics family will hold strongly to this, as we continue surging forward in our mission to build great leaders, grow communities of love and transform nations.  Below are some videos from our “Life@Leaderonomics” Series on some of the antics that go on at Leaderonomics.  To view all the videos in this series, go HERE

It’s your birthday!

Just because we wanted to have a good time…

And because we like to push people out of their comfort zones…

To watch more “Life@Leaderonomics” videos and to understand our “naughty but nice” culture, go to: https://youtu.be/oBnsOa7IO9I?list=PLE6D04A0E36D9B67D