Non-Executive Level

Anger and Stress Management 

Being Proactive & Action-Oriented

Breaking Barriers – Transforming Groups into Teams

Building High Performance Teams 

Business Social Etiquette and Protocol 

Change Management 

Character-Wise Parenting 

Corporate Image Enhancement 

Corporate Soldier – Success Without Stress 

Create Your Winning Team Attitude 

Creating a Smoke-Free Workplace

Creative Decision-Making and Problem-Solving 

Effective Business Writing 

Effective Time Management 

Excellence in Workplace Performance 

Goal Setting – Put Your Goals on Autopilot 

Interpersonal Skill Through DiSC

Managing People in Today’s Competitive Business World 

Next Gen Leaders

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making 

Raise the Mic – Breaking Barriers in Public Speaking 

Self-Awareness Through DiSC

Self-Awareness Through MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Selling is Easy 

Seliga Activator (Change Management Simulation) 

Seliga Cold War (Team Alignment Simulation) 

Smart Parenting – Creating Brighter Kids & Future Leaders