Middle Level

15 Tools for Dynamic Managers and Supervisors

6 Thinking Hats


Advanced Project Management

Art of Managing Different Generations

Balanced Scorecard Basics

Barefoot Leadership

Be a Global Manager

Being a Talented Manager (Batman)

Blue Ocean Strategy

Boardroom Management – Strategy and Execution (LSS Champions)

Building and Sustaining a High Performance Culture

Business Acumen

Business Etiquette and Corporate Grooming

Business Simulation

Business Social Etiquette and Protocol 

Captain’s Log Simulation

Change Acceleration & Transition (CAT)

Change Management

Character-Wise Conversations

Character-Wise Leadership

Character-Wise Parenting

Client-Based Selling Strategies

Coaching for Performance 

Coaching with NLP

Communication Excellence

Communication Skills (Using NLP)

Competency-Based Interview Skills

Competition Law


Corporate and Commercial Issues

Corporate Image Enhancement

Creating a Smoke-Free Workplace

Customer Service Excellence

“Day in the Life of a CEO” Simulation & Assessment Programme

Dealing with Difficult Customers


Effective Account Management 

Effective Coaching Skills

Effective Selling Skills

Employment Law

Empowerment Through Effective Delegation

Extreme Leadership

Facilitation Skills

Fast-Track Digital Marketing

Finance for Non-Finance Simulation

Fish! Philosophy 

Growth Through Innovation

Hostage at the Table – The Art of Leadership & Negotiations

HR for Non-HR

Kaizen for Continuous Improvement 

L.E.A.D. – Leadership, Effectiveness, Attitude, Delivery

Leaders Developing Leaders 

Leadership in 21st Century 

Leading the Business (US-Based Tri-Corp Simulation)

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Leveraging Social Media for Business

Long-Term Sustainable Business Growth with LIEF System 

Management Review and Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Results Area (KRA)

Managing Change with Process Performance (Process Simulation)

Managing Crisis in Your Organization

Mastering and Managing KPIs for Growth 

Meeting the Media – Lights, Camera, Action!

Mentoring & Coaching 

Mobile Marketing 

Outward-Looking Leadership Programme

Performance Appraisal Management 

Personal Breakthrough with NLP – Fireproofed Aspirations 

Reflective Leadership

Risk Management 

Role Modelling a Talent Management Culture 

Search Engine Optimization Marketing 

Self-Awareness Through LIFO (Life Orientation) 

Self-Awareness Through MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

Selling is Easy 

Service Coaching 

Silega Activator (Change Management Simulation)

Silega Commander (Leadership Simulation)

Silega Expedition (Decision-Making and Planning Simulation)

Smart Parenting – Creating Brighter Kids & Future Leaders

Social Media and Online Public Relations

Strategic Influencing 

Strategic Leadership in a Fast-Changing Economy

Strategic Marketing 

Strategic Negotiations

Strategic Talent Management

Strengths-Based Leadership

Super Sales Team (How to Build and Sustain Peak Performing Sales Team)

The Psychology of People Management

Total Quality Management 

Values-Driven Organisation

Working with Emotional Intelligence