Working With Emotional Intelligence

Working With Emotional Intelligence


In the brutal and competitive world of business, organisations are in need of people with more than just functional and intellectual competence. For that competitive edge, combinations of strong inter/intrapersonal skills, with functional expertise and intellect are necessary. EQ provides the platform and framework to further enhance your intra and interpersonal skills. In Working With Emotional Intelligence you will learn:

i. To understand and appreciate the 4 fundamental capabilities of EQ(Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management).

ii. The 5 essential EQ Skills that is vital to being able to understand & communicate in the realm of emotions.

iii. How to manage stress, develop secure bases, use non-verbal communications and manage conflict.

iv. How to apply EQ to motivate & engage your teams, foster cooperative working relationships & improve your overall effectiveness.


Who Should Attend

Entry-level Executives who would like better control over their emotions in order to gain professional traction.


Course Description

EQ is about recognising, managing, and utilising emotions in positive and constructive ways. It’s also about recognising other people’s emotional states and learning how to engage with them to create an environment of safety, trust, and confidence. Self-awareness, self-esteem, compassion, empathy and adaptability are all linked to EQ.



2 Days


Course Outline

Basics of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) EQ?

• Theory of multiple intelligences

• Common misconceptions about EQ

Why EQ?

• The role of EQ in the facets of our lives (Personal, Family, Work, Business, etc)

Know Yourself EQ Assessment

• Discovering more about yourself

Measuring and interpreting your EQ

• Outlining your personal profile

• Determining your strengths and areas for development

Self-Awareness Emotional Sensitivity (Internal)

• Being true to yourself – recognise and acknowledge emotions

• Being assertive (establish boundaries)

• Alignment leads to congruency

Emotional Control

• Actions speak loudest!

• Developing emotional flexibility

Self-Management EQ Applied

• Recognising patterns of behaviour

• The power of frames


• Developing behavioural flexibility

Social Awareness Emotional Sensitivity (External)

• Emotions are powerful

• Emotions and performance

• Communication, rapport, induction and frequency

Communications is Everything!

• The Johari Window

• Talking, questioning and listening techniques

Relationship Management Team

• Understanding People through different lenses

• Awareness for performance

• Tweaking team dynamics – trust, accountability, motivation

Leveraging Talents

• Timeless leadership principles

• Authenticity in leadership

• Strength-based leadership

EQ Integration EQ & Situational Leadership

• Leadership, it’s situational!

• There are leaders and there are emotionally intelligent leaders

EQ & Professional Life

• Using emotions to drive excellence in performance

EQ & Your Goals

• Leveraging your EQ Profile

• The connection between EQ & your goals

• Plan for action

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