Values-Driven Organisation

Values-Driven Organisation


The objectives of this programme are:

i. To utilize the right values and principles to generate participation, create openness, secure ownership, resolve conflict, develop understanding and make decisions.

ii. To have a hands-on appreciation and understanding of how values drive and shape organisations

iii. To understand how work values and culture impact on organizational behaviour.

iv. To equip themselves with the ability to differentiate and apply the right value principles in the workplace.

v. Have a values framework to reference and benchmark sound practices from unsound practices.

vi. Re-examine their managerial values.

vii. Learn the dynamics and skills of interacting and exhibiting sound values.

viii. Have a grasp of current values reality in the organization.

ix. Develop standards of openness for sound values to thrive.

x. Make changes based on sound values and principles.

Who Should Attend

This programme is suitable for CEO’s, Senior Managers, Managers and Executives

Course Description

Empowering managers and executives with an understanding, experience and application of sound values in an organisation to drive business results. Every organisation uses resources through relationships to produce results.

Then what are the differentiating factors that make an organisation world class. Inadvertently the organisation values is a key element that shapes the long-term success and resiliency of an organisation; like The Built to Last companies. It has been shown that the values of an organisation time and again shaped the success or failure of an organisation – though they may have challenges along the way. This is because the unseen drives the seen.


Course Outline

Background to

Corporate Values

i.   Values – What they are in the organisational context

ii.  A comparison of sound and unsound values

iii. Resources, relationships & result – How values govern culture

iv. Common values or a values potpourri

v. What values are key to your organisation’s long-term success

vi. Corporate culture and values synchronisation

Experiencing the

Dynamics of

Values in Action

i. Experiential case study (role play form) – Values in action

ii. Individual values understanding

iii. Team values and dynamics discussion

iv. Team values and synergy

v. Team values dynamics scoring & values synergy

vi. Critique of values system and feedback as a means for values and behaviour change

Corporate Culture

& Values Best

Practices and

Current Realist


i. Corporate culture and values best practices

ii. Snapshot of current organisational values and culture

iii. Values and culture analysis and recommended changes

iv. Individual values assessment

v. Changes and Improvements for values transformation

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