Super Sales Team (How to build and sustain Peak Performing Sales Team)




Sales Departments represent the most significant piece of business puzzles. It is the bridge that connects the business (which produces the services or products) and the customers who pay for the products or services. A high performing sales department lives up to and exceed business expectations and deliver sustainable revenue inflow. Unfortunately, not all sales departments are meeting this expectation.

This workshop is designed to provide the participants with:

i. Understanding of the essentials of high performing sales organisation.

ii. A detailed illustration of the essential component of a high-performing sales organisation, including the Sales Coach, Sales Staff, Sales Culture, The Performance Management Process, Intervention and Development, Coaching and Motivating.

iii. Ability to fine-tune and develop action plans to build a Super Sales Team.


Who Should Attend

Anyone in Sales Leadership and Executive functions, such as those in client servicing, key account management, trade marketing and area/regional/national sales management.


Course Description

This workshop introduces participants to the 4 core components of a peak performing sales organisation. It covers the concept of the sales coach and sales people, performance management and culture aspects of a sales organisation. Participants will acquire valuable knowledge and practical tools to build a peak performing sales organisation.

Any head of sales department or business or new sales supervisor will benefit greatly from this 3-day workshop and will be empowered to transform their sales team to a sustainable peak performing sales organisation.


Course Outline


The Selling Job

• Revisit the scope and foundation of the sales role
• Managing sales stress – target &fears
• Sales organisation and structure

Roles of Sales Supervisors

• Revisit the role of sales supervisor
• The importance of the sales supervisor

Sales Coach Concept

• Introducing the concept of a Sales Coach
• 5 hats of a Sales Coach
• How to be winning Sales Coach

Enhancing Their Skills

• Selling skills
• Communication
• Negotiation Skills
• Co-ordination and follow up

Set the Basic Parameters

• Basic call procedure
• Behavioural expectations
• Organisational expectations
• Performance expectations

Sales Game Plan

• Introduction to the sales game plan
• Components of a sales game plan
• Leveraging air power (marketing pull)
• Keys to successful Implementation of a game plan

Performance Management Framework

• DNA of sales performance
• Analyse the selling process and steps
• Identify key performance areas
• Setting sales goals and checkpoints
• Communication and review meetings
• Develop supporting strategies and structures

Performance Coaching

• Importance of performance coaching
• One-to-one coaching session
• Group coaching session
• 5 keys to powerful coaching sessions
• Exit a player

High Performance Atmosphere

• The War Room Concept
• 5 basics for a War Room
• Creating unique organisation culture and identity
• Aligned goal and direction
• A common enemy
• Periodic evaluation and recognition
• Inspiration with personal touch
• Together, we can

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