Strategic Negotiations

Strategic Negotiations


Whether it is huge business deals, settling big disputes with clients, or going through the tough challenges in negotiations, you would need more than the usual tactics of persuasion to achieve the desired outcome. In this Strategic Negotiations course, you will:

i. Manage your actions and stages of dealing to achieve bottom lines and beyond.

ii. Apply persuasion and interpersonal skills in making deals.

iii. Engage and guide your negotiating partner to a win-win position achieving long term goals.

iv. Gracefully mitigate and exit from difficult situations.

v. Apply verbal and non-verbal deal making strategies and techniques


Who Should Attend

For almost 10 years this consistently successful programme has been presented to Senior Managers and functional executives of Fortune 500s, GLCs, and public and private organisations in government, services and manufacturing.


Course Description

Learn 19 tools and techniques in 4 skill workshops, a 36-question quiz, a self-assessment analysis, a case review, a competitive auctioneering, a conflict management role-play, 3 situational negotiation simulations, 1 non-situational negotiation simulation, 2 detailed negotiation casestudies and simulations, with revealing challenges and critiques in a programme continuously adapting to best practices.



2 Days


Course Outline


• The Auction House – “Getting Out Clean”

• Psychometric Analysis “How Good A Negotiator Are You”

• Feedback & Analysis; Where do you stand

The Process of Negotiations

• Defining Strategic Negotiations & Deal Making

• Understanding the Fundamentals of Strategic Negotiation

• Understanding the Four-Stage Process of Strategic Negotiation

• Communicating Complex Facts and Technical Ideas

The Elements of Persuasion & Advocacy

• Persuasive Language Patterns – getting what you want by asking

• Logical and Sensible Sequencing to Persuade

• How Persuasion Works – The Essential Steps for Effective Persuasion

• Application Workshop & Role Play – Demonstrating the Power of Persuasion

Preparing to Deal – Advocate, Influence, Impress

• Analysing the Factors Involved

• Planning to Deal Thoroughly

• Reframing Ideas and Concepts to Engage and Motivate

• Preparing a Strong BATNA to Increase Power

• Techniques for Impact and Influence

Behaviours and Styles in Strategic Deal Making

• Assessing Yours and Your Partner’s Styles and Strategies

• Mental Map of Your Negotiating Partner Build

• Relationships to Sustain Long Term Goals and Strategies

• Subtle Connection to Influence Anchor to Preferred Mental State

• Developing the Stamina to Persevere

Overcome Deadlocks and Mitigate

• Talking Your Way Out of Difficult Situations

• Applying a Six-Step Process to Negotiating Conflict

• Influencing Through the Other Person’s Strategy

• Achieving Openness

Strategies and Tactics

• Recognizing Tactics Applied by Counterparts

• Knowing How to Counter Dirty Tricks

• Applying Convincing Strategies Win – Win: Positional vs Principled Negotiations

• Understanding the Four Step Process Toward Win-Win

Maintaining Composure

• Keeping Emotion at Bay

• Preventing Provocation in Either Direction

• Sustain Influence and Avoid Resistance – Leverage Your Strengths and Value Skills Being in Control of Every Word

Negotiating Outside the Box

• Breaking Away From Tradition – Where Eagles Dare

• Using Your Guts As Well As Your Head

• Risks and Caution

• Introduction To International Negotiations

Conclusion • Preparing for the Negotiators Career

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