Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing


In today’s challenging business environment, it is crucial for companies to move in tandem with market needs and demands.

This course teaches participants how to:

i. Identify opportunities for delivering superior value to customers.

ii. Position your organisation’s brands & offerings in the marketplace to ensure that there is

a match between your company’s capabilities & market opportunities.

iii. Appreciate the potential benefits arising from collaborating with your suppliers, competitors, or even other firms.

iv. Formulate comprehensive marketing plans and implement them.

Who Should Attend

Marketing Managers and decision makers who are responsible for charting the direction of your organisation.

Course Description

This programme enables you to understand how successful companies’ strategies are guided by an in-depth understanding of markets and competition. You will be given case studies to analyse prior to the commencement of this course. It also includes simulations, role playing activities and interactive workshops to give participants practical experience.


1 day


Course Outline

Introduction • Understanding the premise of strategic marketing management

• Appreciating the importance of understanding market vision, structure, and analysis

• Applying the principles of market targeting & strategic positioning

Discussing Case Studies • Identifying the key success factors behind successful marketing strategies and learning from others’ mistakes

• Ensuring that lessons learnt from case studies are applied when you formulate your company’s own marketing plan

Developing a Marketing Plan • Learning to conduct research to identify and analyse market opportunities

• Using the SWOT analysis to identify your company’s competitive advantage

• Developing marketing strategies to achieve organisational goals, build competitive advantage, and strengthen the weaker aspects of you company

• Ensuring that pricing strategies incorporate principles such as cost structure, perceived value, competitive pressures, and corporate objectives

Evaluating Effectiveness • Learning how to evaluate the results from marketing activities through indicators such as sales volume, market share, profit, and ROI

• Ensuring that the evaluation criteria used takes into account your company’s goals

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