Strategic Influencing

Strategic Influencing


You have been put in charge of a project, but how do you get your co-workers to give you their full commitment to deliver with excellence? Strategic Influencing teaches you:

i. To discover influencing tendencies and learn how to effectively influence others to gain willing cooperation.

ii. Principles of interpersonal skills that will minimise resistance and develop win-win situations.

iii. To learn to communicate in an authentic and clear manner in order to break-down barriers and to enhance buy-in.

iv. To learn how to empower and hold others accountable for their actions.

v. To diagnose and manage conflicts effectively in order to achieve corporate goals.


Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, Non-Managers who rely on their influence rather than authority to achieve their goals, and sales & marketing people who need to influence client buy-in.


Course Description

Strategic Influencing is designed to impart you with specific skills, behaviours, and attitudes necessary to achieve the desired results without relying on authority. It includes simulations, role playing activities, and interactive workshops to give you the necessary practical experience.



1-2 days


Course Outline

The Power of Influence • Understanding our influencing tendencies

• Learning the differences between passive, assertive and aggressive influencing styles

• Learning principles of assertive influencing

Influencing to Hold Each Other Accountable • Assess our personality style as a team member

• Learning strategies to work effectively with others

• Learning the delegation process and principles of effective delegation and empowering

• Learning principles to overcome delegation traps

Influencing Through Authentic Communication • Understanding the different communication models

• Learning to overcome communication filters so that our message will be clear

• Learning principles of effective listening in order “see” beyond the obvious in order to hold others accountable effectively

Influencing in Conflicts • Understanding the 6 conflict response styles and how each can be used effectively in various scenarios

• Learning principles of influencing effectively in conflicts

• Learning how to deal with difficult people and getting them to cooperate willingly

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