Social Media and Online Public Relations

Social Media and Online Public Relations


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

i. Understand how to align your social media strategy to your overall business objectives.

ii. Evaluate appropriate channels, content, tools, and techniques for your social media activity.

iii. Understand the risks of social media and plan effective strategies for online reputation management.

iv. Apply a rigorous planning process to all stages of the social media lifecycle.

v. Measure success of your social media activity.

Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, Non-Managers who rely on their influence rather than authority to achieve their goals, and sales & marketing people who need to influence client buy-in.

Course Description

This intensive course is UK’s most popular introduction to social media marketing and online PR training. This is a great place to start understanding the impact of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube on your business and how to take advantage of these opportunities for your business.

This course looks at the effects of social media on marketing communications and PR. Attendees will be able to evaluate their current approach to social media, reputation management and online PR. The workshop uses a mix of presentation, case studies, practice techniques, class discussions and role plays.


2 days


Course Outline

Setting the stage • The social media landscape

• Positive and negative case studies

The case for social media • Global and local trends

• Implications for business and marketing

Social media channels • Major channels like Facebook and Twitter

• Growing channels like Google+ and geo-location

• Other channels like photo-sharing and mobile apps

The development process • Building a social media marketing plan

• Tips for social media management – do’s and don’ts

The case for B2B companies • How B2B companies are leveraging on social media

• Closed social media groups

The case for small businesses • How do I start?

• How do I maintain and continue the engagement?

Social media measurement • The ROI in Social Media Marketing

• Tools and Dashboards

PR implications • Link between social media and PR

• Reputation and crisis management

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