Smart Parenting - Creating Brighter Kids & The Future Leaders

Smart Parenting – Creating Brighter Kids & The Future Leaders


Great parenting – if done smartly – is still possible in today’s hurried world and challenging environment. Children are like the white canvas and the parents have the paint and the brush to create their masterpiece. Many social problems faced by the younger generations today are preventable. Human mind and souls are terrible things to waste. Smart Parenting – Creating Brighter Kids & The Future Leaders is a course that will inspire parents to come together, embrace challenges and change the world, one kid at a time. It is a practical solution via the Smart Parents’ “7L Strategies”:

i. Lots of Love.

ii. Limit for Everything.

iii. Learning Smart.

iv. Leisure Family Time.

v. Leadership Skill.

vi. Lend a Hand.

vii. Leave It to God.


Who Should Attend

Working/Full-time Parents and Parents-to-be.


Course Description

This course is designed to develop your parenting skills, via a structured and practical approach for busy and working parents in their quest to create a happy home and successful kids. It is shared by one parent to another, featuring the day-to-day matters that parents will instantly connect to. This course is a timely intervention and teaches as well-balanced formula amidst our search to be a human-parent. It gives a whole new perspective of becoming a good parent which has long been ignored nowadays due to our over-ambitious objectives in bringing up our children. It has revisits many basic but salient points of parenting and parenthood, among others, like ‘to love and be loved’. It includes simulations, role playing activities and interactive workshops to give you hands-on experience, helping you become a smarter parent.



1 Day


Course Outline

Prologue – The First Few Years of Life • Learn how to maximise the brain capacity of the foetus and babies even before they can speak

• Understand the impacts of several activities, food and habits that will hugely shape their future

Practice the “7 Rules of Love” from Young • Create a happy, loving home

• Show you a way to make the kids actually listen to you without yelling and nagging

• Reduce pressure and stress on the kids while maintaining their desire to do their best

• Create polite, respectful kids/teens

Smartly and effectively “Set the Limits” that Kids Eagerly Want to Follow • Create obedient, disciplined & responsible kids

• Less stress in controlling the TV, PC, PS time

• Institute a fair and effective rewards & punishment system

• Remove any chances of our turning into future bullies, etc

Apply “Learn Smart, Not Hard” Techniques – No Tuitions required! • No need for tuition any more!

• Improve your kids’ grades within one to three months

• Enable parents to be aware of and leverage their kids’ strength and weakness

• Learn how to classify their subjects and plan for each accordingly

• No more slogging over books nearing exam time

Apply Secrets of Low Cost “Leisurely Family” Outings and Activities • Improve family bonding immediately

• Retain sanity in the household

• Rediscover life

• Recharge and ready for more

Sow the Seed of Leadership & Social Skills TODAY for Better Tomorrow • Mould your kids into future leaders

• Instil high confidence to socialise

• Turn your nervous kids into an engaging public speakers

• Provide a sense of direction – remove tendency to “lepak or other time-wasting activities

Lend a Hand – Find what You Can Do to Give Back What You Have Received, to Make Rooms for More • Effective ways to “give back in order to receive more”

• Learn how other parents have successfully lent their hand to make lasting impact

• Be inspired by the true stories

Learn How To Sit Back, Relax and “Leave it to God” • Offers hope in the Higher Being, whatever your belief is

• Instil strong values in your kids

• Get a peace of mind no matter what

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