Silega Expedition™

Silega Expedition™ (Decision making and planning simulation)


Silega Expedition™ is a decision making and planning simulation that will teach participants to:

• Inspire and mobilise people to achieve outstanding results in tough times and show them what they are really capable of.

• Make people use all available resources in the best possible way.

• Improve business planning and strategy.

• Capitalise and mobilise the power of the team and intangible assets.

• Reflex on what leadership is required in order to survive and thrive in a tough business conditions.


Who Should Attend

Employees from all levels.


Simulation Description

Silega Expedition™ is a business simulation that situates participants in a challenging and inspiring fast-paced experience of climbing Mount Everest in order to win a price offered by an eccentric millionaire. They have to try to reach the summit during May and will have 31 days available. Participants work and compete in teams of 5 or 6.

Together they have to take decisions on how to work together, how to use their personal strengths, which route to take, what equipment to use, what risks to accept. This programme includes enhanced multimedia experience – original video footage from the mountain and special effects.

Everest has always been a supreme symbol of man’s personal struggle to achieve excellence, no matter what the external climate conditions are. Succeeding in Everest depends totally on spirit, discipline and will. And as in real life there are only two possible results – success or failure.



1 day


Key Learnings

• Create a common vision for success and align employees.

• Evaluate and implement a business strategy.

• Analyse risks and plan for contingency.

• Create a discipline in order to survive and thrive in difficult times.

• Efficiency and orientation towards results.

• Manage tangible and intangible assets.

• Brilliant interpersonal and inter-group communication skills.

• Work and take decisions under stress and tight time limits.

• Flawless execution.

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