Silega Cold War™ (Team Alignment)

Silega Cold War™ (Team Alignment)


Participants will learn in Silega Cold War™ to:
i. Improve team and interdepartmental alignment.

ii. Resolve conflicts and the reasons causing them.

iii. Improve productivity of teams and minimise waste of resources.

iv. Better roles and power distribution.

v. Improve team and organisational communication.


Who Should Attend

All members of an ongoing team or members of various teams that work together. The whole organisation.


Simulation Description

Every organisation, as well as every country has its internal and external policies for success. Both should be equally strong, although organisations usually invest most of their resources on their external strength – conquering new markets, products, growing sales and beating the competition. If imbalance in the internal and external strength should appear, that would cause misalignment, internal conflicts and struggle for resources and power within the organisation.

Silega Cold War™ is a business simulation that makes participants experience the most common obstacles for team work and inter-departmental alignment. During the six simulation months they have to deal with lack of trust, lack of alignment, ambitious goals, poor communication, conflicts caused by egos, and the negative impact they have on organisational productivity.

This programme simulates the war between two alliances – the North and the South. There are ten countries represented and each has different resources (petroleum, food and machines), and different military capacity (uranium, arms). Through negotiations they have to succeed in balancing their country’s population needs and also being active part of the military alliance. In case some of the countries do not accomplish one of the two parts of the mission, then a WAR should be declared.

As the simulation progresses, participants have to discover practical ways to improve team performance and increase levels of trust and resource sharing.



1 day


Key Learnings

In order to be successful in the simulation, as well as in real life, participants will learn how to:

• Create a clear common purpose.

• Empower team members.

• Reinforce positive interpersonal relationships.

• Manage information effectively.

• Distribute resources according to priorities.

• Improve team strategy and align it with organisational strategy.

• Create effective team process.

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