Silega Activator™ (Change Management Simulation)

Silega Activator™ (Change Management Simulation)


Silega ActivatorTM was designed to address the specific challenges most companies are facing

nowadays and increase the chance of success for change initiatives:

i. Increase commitment to a change.

ii. Create excitement for the new vision.

iii. Speed-up communication, increase trust and minimise rumors.

iv. Empower and support people in all levels.

v. Involve and align top management and stakeholders in change initiatives.

vi. Create a sense of urgency.

vii. Support people emotionally during the change process.

viii. Improve processes and systems and institutionalise the change.

ix. Increase commitment towards action plan.

Who Should Attend

People from all organisational levels that are undergoing transition or preparing for one. Leaders responsible for implementing change.

Simulation Description

Silega ActivatorTM is a business simulation that models one year of change initiatives. Participants compete to maximise productivity during tough times. Their results are measured by people’s perception, stakeholders’ opinion and market reaction.

As the simulation progresses, they need to study the forces that cause the change, define what is their impact on productivity and how to deal with emotional reactions and behaviours that block productivity.

Teams have to work on establishing an action plan for change that involves all levels in an organisation. This programme provides participants with a methodology that will help them apply the key findings in their personal and professional life.

This is a table-mat simulation that puts participants into challenging assignment – to manage a change (restructuring) project within a company. They have to manage perceptions of all levels of the organisation (sell value to stake holders, people that will face the change and the impact this will have on them). They also have to manage the cost of the change initiative and the deadlines.

This is more of a strategic simulation, but it can be adapted to fit all levels of the organisation.


Key Learnings

Silega ActivatorTM is a business simulation and a repeatable change management system that guarantees better results from transition. Participants learn:

• How to define clear and realistic expectations for all people involved in change.

• What are the most critical actions leaders can take in order to support change initiatives.

• How to re-energise the organisation and maintain momentum towards the goal.

• How to communicate effectively during change initiatives.