Service Coaching

Service Coaching


This course will teach you to:

i. Discover how to become great Service Coaches and Mentors.

ii. Establish a programme of coaching engagements and meetings which meet the needs of individuals and teams.

iii. Identify different learning and behavioural styles and determine how best to work with the different styles in a coaching situation.

iv. Explain the different leadership styles a manager can use and identify the situations when each would be appropriate.

v. Understand how to effectively engage with and develop your team.

vi. Learn how to measure, track and drive great performance from your team.

Who Should Attend

Executives and managers who want to make good decisions and solve problems effectively, run meetings efficiently, etc.


Course Description

Coaching and Mentoring Customer Service advocators to greatness can be a very daunting task, especially in the maintaining the level of motivation and consistency of high service performance & experience. And yet the task is one of great importance because your success as a Service Champion is largely depending on their success and the success of service through them.

While one of the best ways to enhance one’s service competency will undoubtedly be through on-job-training and being on the business frontlines, we cannot discount the fact that constant assessment, re-alignment, re-purposing is essential to appropriately guide and groom your service team to proper development, positive growth and sustainable results.

This professional Service Coaching programme will help you to solve some of these crucial issues and start you on the right foundation to greater success in working through your Service team as an inspiration Service Champion or Leader.

This programme focuses on identifying team members that will most benefit from coaching and how to improve the overall service team’s results. A variety of tools are introduced to help managers track and record coaching sessions.

It will also assist managers to improve the quality and quantity of coaching their team members receive and impact on their teams’ results.

Case studies and planning sessions are used throughout the course as well as role plays. These activities all enable participants to practice what they learn and to receive feedback.


Course Outline

Understanding the Fundamentals of Service Perception • Best practices and service standards as learning tools, reiterating the DNA of Service Quality – R.A.T.E.R.S and principles of S.M.I.L.E, C.O.N.N.E.C.T
Effective Service Coaching & Mentoring Techniques • Coaching in areas of partnering, gaining and sharing insight, communicating value, and maintaining personal service effectiveness

• A service coaches’ facilitative techniques

• A service mentor’s staff development techniques

• Engaging critical conversations to encourage positive relationships

• Utilise & practice observation, development feedback & motivation

Coaching and Leading a Winning Service Team • Identifying performance excellence

• Strategies of dynamic team building

• Managing team conflicts effectively

• Leveraging on the G.R.O.W. model for team development

Coaching for High Performance • Developing effective coaching and development plans

• Service coaching measurement and tracking tool

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