Selling with NLP

Selling with NLP


NLP is about effective internal and external communication as well as influencing change in states. That is exactly what successful sales people do: they communicate and influence the customers’ state. Top sales professionals unconsciously use this, and now you can master these simple but profound techniques by using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), a series of powerful discoveries about behaviour, communication and trust. You will learn how to speak the language of the prospect’s own mind. Using both verbal and physical techniques, you will learn how to pace your sales meetings.

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

i. Understand the principles of NLP and how they can facilitate the creation of a superior buying and selling experience.

ii. Apply techniques and knowledge for developing good rapport with buyers.

iii. Identify and comprehend the client’s true desire hence developing an upper hand in a negotiation process.

iv. Adopt the mindset and attitude of high performing sales people.

Who Should Attend

Senior Management who wish to increase the performance their respective portfolios, Sales Personnel who wish to significantly increase sales number, and Front End Staff who wish to provide extraordinary customer service experience.


Course Description

This programme presents an entirely new system of selling based on trust. You will firstly learn how people have different modes of thinking and how those modes affect their decision to buy. You will then learn specific selling techniques applicable in all situations. Techniques will be taught on how to reinforce the trust you have gained and communicate with your clients on deeper, even more subtle, levels. Simulations and demonstrations are added to draw out the best learning experience.


Course Outline

The Principles of NLP in Selling • Understanding correlating principles between NLP and selling
Understanding the Client’s

Point of View

• Exploring the customer point of view with the NLP communication model and language patterns
Advance Rapport Building • Learning how you can build rapport in less than 4 minutes and lead the sales conversation
Client’s Buying Strategies • Discovering and applying questioning techniques that uncover clients’ buying strategies
Influencing your Client • Learning 10 communication patterns that influence customers
Speaking the Client’s


• Developing attentive NLP listening skills to unearth customers’ preferred communication strategies
Developing Habits for Constant High Performance • Designing behavioural patterns that place you in an exciting state for peak performance

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