Selling is Easy

Selling is Easy


To common people, selling skills seem like rocket science beyond their reach and comprehension. This misconception and fear of unknown are the reasons that handicap the realisation of career potentials amongst the employees of many companies; especially amongst the non-sales staff.

This workshop is designed to provide the participants:
i. Thorough understanding of the selling dynamics.

ii. An understanding of sales situations in everyday life.

iii. Awareness of the essentials and the Buying-Selling dynamic.

iv. Understanding of the 3 Steps selling model and how to apply it in everyday activities.

Who Should Attend

Anyone in sales and non-sales positions. Suitable for all executive level.


Course Description

“Selling is Easy” serves to change the misconception that selling is rocket science and restricted only to the expertise of sales people. It introduces fundamental selling skills to new sales staff and non-sales employees. It also demystifies the “rocket science” of selling and inspires confidence to adopt selling as part of participants’ daily modus operandi. It is taught in a highly interactive workshop with role-plays and simulations.


Course Outline


to Selling

• You are doing it every day!

• Why is selling important to YOU?

• Why selling is so easy?

• Introduction to the 3 steps of selling

• Leads – Prospects – Customer cycle

• The sales dance

Prepare to Sell • What are you SHARING?

• Know your product and services

• Features vs Benefits vs Values

• Your heart will help you sell

• Transfer of enthusiasm

Step 1 –


• Importance of positive first impression

• Your face, your body, your tone

• Greeting and getting comfortable

• Self-introduction: who are you?

• What is your pick up line?

• Warm up the customers

• Role plays

Step 2 –


• Interaction and engagement

• Building rapport

• Understanding customers

• Asking questions

• Identify buying motives and needs

• Clarify, clarify, clarify

• 5 easy questions to ask

• Handling questions

• Effective listening

• 3 steps in handling questions

• Answer with confidence

• Role plays

Step 3 –


• Matching needs vs Product

• Sharing and recommending

• Buying clues: body language

• Buying clues: verbal signals

• Closing techniques

• 5 simple closing questions

• Follow up

• Role plays



• How to use selling skills in non-sales situations

• How to sell your ideas/suggestions

• How do you use selling skill in office situations

• Selling is in You

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