Self-Awareness Through LIFO (Life Orientation)

Self-Awareness through LIFO (Life Orientation)


Self-Awareness through LIFO provides pragmatic ways to enhance performance by letting individuals make the most of the strengths they already possess and appreciating the strengths of others, whether operating in day-to-day mode or under stress.

The objectives of this programme include helping participants to:

i. Build confidence and self-esteem.

ii. Consistently produce their very best work.

iii. Manage a wider range of situations more effectively.

iv. Avoid wasting time in personal productivity traps.

v. Fill in their blind spots for better plans and decisions.


Who Should Attend

Middle and Senior Managers who would like increased self-awareness in order to leverage their strengths and optimise team performance.


Course Description

This training focuses on STRENGTHS – on what’s right about leaders, teams, and individuals. It begins by identifying each person’s basic orientation to life and work. Based on this information, it offers powerful learning strategies for greater personal productivity, increased influence with key people and more effective teamwork. It includes a self-administered assessment, simulations, role-playing activities, and interactive workshops that help reinforce your profile and teach you how best to adapt to differences.



1.5 Days


Course Outline

Break the Performance Barrier with LIFO Productivity Skills • LIFO® Survey

• Confirms personal strengths, areas of potential excess, and techniques for developing greater versatility

• Overcoming blind-spots in planning, problem solving, and decision making

Four Windows to the World • Controlling Taking: Action

• Supporting Giving: Excellence

• Conserving Holding: Reason

• Adapting Dealing: Harmony

Strategies for Greater Individual & Team Productivity • Confirming: appreciating your strengths

• Capitalising: seeking situations that bring out the best in you

• Moderating: avoid overusing your most preferred strengths

• Supplementing: getting help from people with different strengths and viewpoints to fill in your blind spots

• Bridging: improve your communication by matching your approach to others

• Extending: becoming more versatile in your approach by using your least preferred strengths

Strength Feedback Chart • Identifying strengths

• Confirms areas of potential excess

• Overcoming blind spots

Bridging the Communication Gap with LIFO – Part 1 • Communication Skills & Building Collaborative Teamwork (Team Profile/ Analysis)

• The keys to effective communication

• LIFO® AP survey

• Identifying another person’s communication patterns under both favourable and stressful conditions

Bridging the Communication Gap with LIFO – Part 2 • Recognition: the first key

• Translation: the second key

• Communication strategies: slide-a style

• Influencing a boss four ways

• Getting action from a key person

• Working with a key person

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