Risk Management

Risk Management


This course teaches you to:

i. Develop and become aware of the importance of risk management.

ii. Reduce the probability that business decision will end up with failures or high cost.

iii. Link strategy and decision to the competitive environment.

iv. Realise the importance of stakeholders, players and teams.

v. Communicate better.

vi. Understand analytical tools in managing better business decision.

Who Should Attend

This programme will benefit senior management, managers, engineers, officers, team-based project personnel, and all those who wish to improve their skills in understanding and managing business risk.


Course Description

Almost everything we do in today’s business world involves a risk of some kind: customer habits change, new competitors appear, factors outside your control could delay your project. But formal risk analysis and risk management can help you to assess these risks and decide what actions to take to minimise disruptions to your plans. They will also help you to decide whether the strategies you could use to control risk are cost-effective.


Course Outline

Introduction: What Are Risks • Examples from current environment

• Examples from organisation

What is A Risk? • Definition

• Consequences of risk management failure

4 Steps of Risk Analysis • How to identify threats? Workshop on Identification

• Estimation of Risk and tool for doing this. Workshop follows

• Managing Risk – a look at 3 possibilities

• Reviewing risk – discussion on how to do this

How to Choose the Risk

Management Team

• Team selection questions

• Framework on team roles

Leadership Styles and Their Impact Towards Organisation • Types of styles

• Case discussion

• Implication of wrong style

Communication: Window of Opportunity and Pitfalls • Various matrix of communication

• Case discussion

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