Reflective Leadership

Reflective Leadership


In tough economic times, operational efficiency becomes crucial in ensuring survival. Reflective Leadership teaches you to instil a productive culture by teaching you how to:

i. Remain mindful when responding to the changing demands in the workplace.

ii. Ensure that all decisions, both major and minor, are purpose-driven and vision-led.

iii. Continuously play a proactive role in your own personal development.


Who Should Attend

Leaders who identify with the problem of losing sight of the end goal due to the inevitable need to cope with the multitude of daily issues.


Course Description

The importance of thinking should be underestimated. This programme places heavy emphasis on reflection and contemplation. It forces you to revisit your past, your values, and your beliefs that you may have somewhat lost along the way, before shifting the focus to long-term goals and visions.



1 day, ideally away from corporate settings


Course Outline

Self & Past • Appreciating how the past inevitably shapes your character, personality, attitude towards work and other people, and your motivations
Life Patterns • Identifying areas in your life that need to be changed including your physical wellbeing, emotional health, organisation of time and personal resources, intellectual development, and the way you handle important relationships

• Understanding the importance of getting your own life in order before trying to “fix” other issues

Personal Vision & Director • Identifying your goals and mission

• Clarifying values that are truly important to you in the long run

Organisational Vision and Director • Understanding corporate vision and correcting any misconceptions

• Identifying your role in the organisational big picture

Leadership Style & Role • Understanding your current leadership style and the challenges currently faced as a leader

• Identifying your development areas and coming up with a plan to ensure that those areas are addressed

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