Raise the Mic - Breaking Barriers in Public Speaking

Raise the Mic – Breaking Barriers in Public Speaking


Without noticing the real picture of Public Speaking skills, most of us look at it as something that is difficult to acquire. It is actually a biologically and psychologically-based ability to exercise and express one’s body and mind as to ‘move’ the ‘audience’. Raise the Mic – Breaking Barriers in Public Speaking teaches you to:

i. Learning to get rid of the fear of Public Speaking and give the best presentation of your life.

ii. Stop stumbling and mumbling and get rid of that shaky voice.

iii. Direct your thoughts and emotions when speaking.

iv. Learn how to cope with anxiety and panic while speaking.

v. Achieve and create passion to succeed at Public Speaking.

vi. Learning to be creative, capture the imagination and lead your audience.


Who Should Attend

This is a people-orientated programme that is specially designed for product or sales, service marketing and those who are directly or indirectly in contact with customers and have to give presentations.


Course Description

This course employs the Darwin process to rid fear, phobias and limiting beliefs that hampers effective public speaking. There are breakout sessions, games and group discussions and Hypnotic Mind Programming for behavioural change, subconscious corporate therapy and meditation. It also incorporate live lectures, case studies and video recording sessions.



2 Days


Course Outline

Voice Training • Understand how your voice is created • The many ways to improve your voice power

• The many ways to improve your voice power

Body Preparation • How to get your voice and image right before speaking

• The Actor’s exercise – team exercise

• Preparing to speak to your audience

For Speaking • Paying attention to your delivery

• Breakout session – breathing exercise

• The ABC Technique – becoming aware

• Getting started – building confidence and courage

Handling Fear of Speaking • Know the types of stress and how emotions affect speaking delivery

• Learn techniques to rid fear in public speaking and crowds

• How to stop procrastination and progress in speaking confidently

• Learn how to overcome self-sabotage and excuses

• How to handle rejection or getting thrown out

• Learn to break any limiting beliefs and speak with authority

Speech Craft And Live Presentation Evaluation • Learn how to instantly relax the mind and body with keywords

• How to create fun in your presentation

• Team breakout session

• Working with words and how it can influence your audience.

• Learn how to use pre-hypnotic management for a better audience

• Applying movement skills in your presentation

• How to add impact to your speaking skills in sales

• How to show off and entertaining your audience

• The serious bit! Inspire your audience

• International Speech Festival – team effort

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