Goal Setting - Put Your Goals on Autopilot

Goal Setting – Put Your Goals on Autopilot


Research studies have shown a direct link between goals and enhanced performance in both sports and business. Earl Nightingale put it this way, “People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It’s as simple as that.” By the end of Goal Setting – Put Your Goals on Autopilot, participants will be able to:

i. Have an overview of how to set effective goals.

ii. Apply key concepts during the goal setting process.

iii. Identify and overcome challenges in achieving goals.

iv. Determine what effective principles are to achieve goals


Who Should Attend

All levels of management that wish to achieve big organisational or personal goals, and personnel who wish to become effective and progressive individuals.


Course Description

Goal setting is the underpinning principle for time management, motivation, direction and success. The course is designed around NLP principles that are used by successful organisations and leaders around the world to set goals that work and are highly achievable. The course disseminates the concept and allows participants to put the concepts into application right away. Participants also learn how to prioritise objectives and how to decide the key steps that are necessary to achieve a goal.



1 Day


Course Outline

Goals Defined • Gaining the right perspective of goals and the purpose of setting goals

• Defining process goals and destination goals

Obstacles to Goal-Setting • Discovering common obstacles to goal-setting and achievement and how to overcome them
Intrinsic Motivation of Goals • Ascertain the true driver of your goal achievement and place it in action
Keys to setting an Appealing Goal • Applying the 9 critical steps to a desirable outcom
Channelling Efforts and Future Pacing Achievement • Learning and designing strategies that ensure continuous movement towards the achievement of set goals. This includes mile markers and celebrations, a component mostly missed

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