The Psychology of People Management

The Psychology of People Management


Major organisations now realise that the key to sustainable growth and success is a strong culture of people management. Thriving organisations are filled with enlightened and empowered leaders and employees. In this course, The Psychology of People Management teaches you:

i. The application of key principles from managerial psychology to the workplace.

ii. How to ensure that the core needs of people in the workplace are met.

iii. How to empower your employees and leverage their strengths.

Who Should Attend

Managers who feel that a better understanding of their employees and of workplace psychology is vital in improving team performance.

Course Description

This programme provides you with basic concepts and theories of workplace psychology. It includes activities, simulations, role playing, and interactive workshops to give you hands-on experience.


2 Days


Course Outline

Core Needs • Understanding the core needs of people in the workplace including physical needs, intellectual needs, emotional needs, and social needs
Key Models • Grasping key models of people management including the reward and punishment model, empowerment model, and motivational model
Emotions • Appreciating how unregulated emotions can be counter-productive and even destructive in management

• Identifying and understanding stress and anger

• Learning effective ways to manage negative emotions

Teams • Understanding factors involved in strengthening team bonds

• Learning frameworks and tools that help teams work together and support each other through periods of organisational change and uncertainty

Management • Learning tools to facilitate better communication between managers and employees

• Appreciating individual differences and adapting reward system according to individual staff

• Using different ways to inspire and motivate different staff

• Learning to identify and develop talent & potential in your teams

Managing Conflict • Getting to the root of conflicts

• Harnessing the different tools in conflict resolution to diffuse workplace conflict

Ensuring Continuity • Ensuring that lesson learnt are implemented to improve work environment

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