Performance Appraisal Management

Performance Appraisal Management


This course teaches you to:
i. Set expectations and work together to improve performance.

ii. Assess performance strengths and weaknesses.

iii. Conduct a structured and participative appraisal session.

iv. Review their performance appraisal skill based on constructive feedback.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, officers, engineers, executives, managers and others who need to appraise their staff.


Course Description

Organisational performance is among the top agendas in any management. But the appraisal of performance has become more of a disappointment, if not frustration, to many employees, instead of a good tool to increase performance. This course is designed to develop the skills and understanding of the PA process.



2 Days


Course Contents

• Introduction to Performance Appraisal (PA).

• Reasons for PA.

• Requirements for Successful PA.

• Types & Roles of PA in Organisations.

• Typical mistakes of evaluators.

• Common problems associated with PA.

• Goals of PA.

• Typical Responsibilities (PA) of the Human Resource Department.

• Typical Managerial Roles.

• Reinforcement Theory.

• Defining what organisation expects & objective measurements (e.g. KPI).

• Feedback skills.

• Assessing target areas for improvement.

• Structuring the appraisal session.

• Conducive setting to encourage discussion.

• Identifying improvement needs.

• Agreeing on development plan.

• Managing poor performance.

• How to handle difficult situations.

• How to handle salary review.

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