Outward-Looking Leadership Programme

Outward-Looking Leadership Programme


The Outward-Looking Leadership Programme is a powerful and innovative programme designed to empower leaders and organisations to grow their leadership capacity so they can respond to tomorrow’s opportunities.

Key objectives:

• INTENTIONAL ASSESSMENT: Help leaders discern a clear development path for their leadership journey by discovering connections and patterns that emerge as they participate in the programme.

• INTENTIONAL ALIGNMENT: Help leaders align their personal leadership vision, values, motivation, goals, and priorities by developing personal strategies to resolve conflicts that often arise when organisational, professional, and personal goals conflict.

• INTENTIONAL APPLICATION: Help leaders identify and leverage key learnings from their total leadership experience that are highly relevant to their current situation and future success as a leader.

• INTENTIONAL COHESIVENESS: Help leaders embrace a holistic and balanced approach that considers the many paradoxes that exist in their leadership DNA—cognitive and behavioural, practice and philosophy, competency and character, self-leadership and leading others

• INTENTIONAL REFLECTION: Provide leaders with an opportunity to hit the ‘pause’ button in the context of a busy and demanding world to reflect on what they need to lead effectively.


Who Should Attend

This Outward-Looking Leadership Programme was initially developed for executive leadership teams, but is also suitable for other leadership teams within the company structure, along with prospective leaders identified by the company.


Course Description

The leadership landscape is rapidly changing, and finding time to reflect on the implications of this is critical for leaders in developing individual and corporate solutions that are practical, sustainable, and profitable. The Outward Looking Leadership Programme provides corporate leaders with a cohesive and creative methodology that integrates the latest leadership research with their own leadership experience.



Can be adapted to meet an organisation’s unique needs. For example:

Option 1: 2-Day intensive for a leadership team, with a subsequent 1-2 days for one-on-one coaching and debrief (depending on the size of the leadership/executive team).

Option 2: A dinner and 2-hour introductory workshop on Day One (E.g. Monday). Participants have 3 days to complete their online programme (Tues-Thurs) with an evening debrief on Thurs. One-to-one coaching and refinement of individual strategies are provided on Day Five.


Course Outline

Phase 1 • Retrospection: Your journey begins as you take a snapshot of your leadership experiences to identify your own unique strengths and key learnings
Phase 2 • Formation: This looks at ‘what makes you tick’ as a leader, reveals what you value most, and what motivates you to interact and influence in a variety of situations
Phase 3 • External Feedback: Combining data from historical and current assessments with participant feedback, this process validates your past experiences and identifies the key attributes that make you effective and influential
Phase 4 • Insight Accumulation: This takes you on a reflective journey to create a rare and incisive picture of you as a leader and prepares you for the next and final stage
Phase 5 • Development Path: Your journey of self-discovery culminates in the identification of the skills, talents, and experiences that makes you a unique and accomplished leader, providing you with the necessary insights to prepare a powerful, personal, and intentional 90-Day, 1 Year, and 3 Year development plan

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