Next Gen Leaders

Next Gen Leaders


In this rapidly changing and challenging world, leaders need to push their limit to a new level. Technology is constantly moving and is your organisation ready to move along with this change or be left out? To keep up, mindset and attitude is key. In this programme, Next Gen Leaders teaches participants:

i. Understanding of the different leadership styles.

ii. Ways to deal with the challenges of leadership.

iii. To recognise the responsibilities you have as a leader: to themselves, their team, and their organisation.

iv. Key techniques to help them plan and prioritise effectively.

v. Team bonding skills.

Who Should Attend

For those who are in a position of leading a team or possibly leading a team in future.


Course Description

Next Gen Leaders is a unique and up-to-date programme for today’s aspiring leaders. It is based on the trainer’s personal experience and insight from leaders like Ken Blanchard, Stephen Covey, Dr. Gary Chapman, John Christensen and NLP mentor Sam Witteveen.



2 Days


Course Outline

Leadership Basic Understanding • Understanding the definition of leadership

• Are you a leader or a manager?

• The four phases of leadership growth

• Challenges

Personality Profiling • Understanding strength and weaknesses

• What it takes to bean effective leader

• Task vs People Oriented Leaders

The Right Model of Your World • Proactive vs Reactive

• Circle of influence

• Choices and consequences

Effective Self-Management • Charting your vision

• Managing your day to day activities effectively

• Important vs Urgent

Understanding Others • Characteristics of different generation

• Managing different generations

• Men vs Women

Relationship & Trust • Emotional Bank Account

• Language of bonding

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