Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

i. Understand mobile within integrated marketing.

ii. Develop your own mobile strategy.

iii. Take advantage of the mobile Internet.

iv. Implement mobile campaigns from delivering SMS, to mobile web CMS, to planning and buying mobile advertising.

v. Promote mobile creatives and explore the key creative challenges for mobile marketing.

vi. Measure and optimise mobile marketing.

vii. Learn about navigations and best practices, including legal and security issues.

viii. Pitch mobile campaigns and how to make the business and marketing case for mobile strategy.

ix. Develop a campaign plan covering both B2B and consumer marketing, and from traditional to m-commerce.

Course Description

Mobile has rapidly transformed everything that’s digital and is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Mobile devices are ubiquitous, highly personal, always carried by the customer, constantly switched on, has a built in payment mechanism, it’s there at the point of creative impulse, and can recount the audience down to the individual person if needs be. It is the most personal form of communication that exists in the digital age, and is set to become the de facto means of accessing the web in the very near future.

This introductory course will provide you with a solid grasp of the mobile marketing landscape, examine the sector’s rapid evolution and consider current and future trends. By focusing on practical skills and cutting-edge case studies, you will leave with a thorough knowledge of mobile best practice as it currently stands and valuable insights into how to develop your company’s mobile strategy.


Course Outline

This robust course contains 4 main modules, and includes real life case studies and relevant role plays for you to work through.

Setting the stage • The technology, smartphones and the rest

• The mobile internet

How mobile is enhancing & changing the digital landscape • Global and local trends

• Implications for business and marketing

• The rise of smartphones (Apple, Android), HTML5 browser, geolocational data, and more

• Winners and losers in mobile

The mobile toolkit • Mobile advertising, mobile search, mobile web and mobile apps

• Mobile social networks, mobile’s role in all social networks

• Geo-location, going local with mobile

• SMS (Still the king), MMS, QR mobile barcodes

• Bluetooth, near-field communications (NFC), GPS

• M-commerce, mobile and retail

• Mobile ticketing

Devising an effective mobile strategy • Building a mobile strategy – what is it?

• Steps in creating a mobile strategy

• Strategic roadmap for deployment

• Tips based on what works and what doesn’t

Measuring mobile • Measuring Messaging and SMS Tracking

• Mobile web analytics

• Integrated message platforms

• M-commerce measurements

• Non-response based measures

Mobile for all types of business • How do I start?

• What’s best for my size of business?

• Mobile B2B & Mobile on a budget

Mobile Trends • Smartphones, tablets and what’s beyond

• Transactional phones (Your mobile wallet)

• Augmented reality, gaming on mobile

• The web that fits in your pocket

• The mobile society

• Location based services

Mobile planning • 3Ps of mobile

• The mobile opportunity & Multichannel mobile

• Mobile CRM

• The user journey

• Mobile regulations

• Creativity with mobile

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