Meeting the Media

Meeting the Media


Everyone is constantly in the public eye with the advent of social media like Facebook and Twitter. Leaders and up-and-coming professionals can make their mark when faced with the media and effectively get their messages across, but they can also inadvertently break their brand. The programme enables participants to:

i. Understand how the media works and what turns them off.

ii. Prepare themselves to be ready at all times to meet the media.

iii. Leverage opportunities to improve their brand proactively and not reactively.

Who Should Attend

Senior leaders and leaders who face the media and will inadvertently face the media as a corporate spokesperson or subject matter expert. Being prepared in this area is a useful and expected job skill among leaders.

Course Description

The course is designed to be interactive and participative, allowing participants to internalise the concepts and knowledge learnt. There is a mixture of lectures, discussions, skills practices, simulations, activities and reflective exercises to integrate learning.


Course Outline

Understand the Media • What’s happening in the world of media?

• How will social media impact EVERYTHING we do?

Prepping for the Showdown How do you prepare? What are your key messages?
Pitching to the Media • Find out what appeals to the media and when you should refuse an interview

• What exactly is media relations?

TV, Radio & Print – How do they Differ? • Learn the similarities and differences between TV, Radio & Print, and the dos and don’ts in each channel
Putting It All Together • Understand body language with fillers, volume, tone, pitch and pace
Lights! Camera! Action! • Mock interviews: getting ready internally before doing it for real

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