Managing Change with Process Performance (Process Simulation)

Managing Change with Process Performance (Process Simulation)


An interactive workshop designed to demonstrate how breakthrough performance can be achieved with the hands-on application of process improvement methodologies.

The programme aims to provide insight on process improvement principles to any business or department.

It also seeks to maximise the performance of a business operation using continuous improvement techniques, to follow the established DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve & Control) methodology and to use tools and techniques from toolboxes such as Six Sigma, Lean Management and Business Scorecards.

You will learn:

i. How to achieve breakthrough performance methodologically using Lean Six Sigma Tools.

ii. To understand the Voice of the Customer and its effect on Business results.

iii. Effective Communication and how to think out of the box to resolve root causes of issues.

iv. To eliminate undesirable effects and wastage, and prevent them from happening again in the future.

Who Should Attend

Any members of an organisation from Board of Directors, Senior Executives, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Administrators of the business who are keen to apply the principles of change management and process performance.


Course Description

This interactive programme incorporates a continuous improvement framework. Participants will be given hands-
on experience in solving critical business issues by using a structured problem-solving process and the continuous improvement methodology.

The simulation sessions represent 2-3 business operation days in a credit card finance company. The simulation establishes a typical high-level ‘bad-day-at-work’ scenario with time pressures and complaints mounting from ‘customers’. It will provide participants with snapshots of existing inner workings where processes are filled with bureaucracy, time wastage, unproductive transactions, miscommunications and silos. The participant will experience the importance of using scorecards and key performance indicators as a navigating tool for organisational change through process performance.

This simulation also focuses on the understanding of the Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Employee and Voice of the Business, and putting it all together to create a win-win for business and customer.

Throughout the sessions, participants will be introduced to tools that will help them in solving the problem and generate solutions that can be implemented. Each phase of the simulation will see participants implement group solutions to address root causes and turn around the business.

The simulation will demonstrate the importance of Leadership and vigorous adherence to the methodology in order to achieve significant gains.


Course Outline

LSS Overview • Overview understanding of Lean Six Sigma & DMAIC

• Combining Lean and Six Sigma for a comprehensive improvement strategy

Define • Define and scope Lean Six Sigma projects

• Develop a business case for change

• Focus on customers and their needs

Measure • Establish baseline by applying effective measurement on current performance

• Develop data collection plans

Analyse • Use detailed analysis techniques to analyze process models and maps, product/process flows & value streams

• Apply lean tools to identify and eliminate wastes

• Apply basic statistical analysis tools to problem-solving

Improve • Develop improvement solutions for the critical X’s by applying lean solutions
Control • The importance of sustaining the changes and tools to sustain the changes

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