Managing People in Today's Competitive Business World

Managing People in Today’s Competitive Business World


Today’s increasingly competitive business world means a highly motivated workforce is vital for any organisation seeking to achieve good results. Therefore, having knowledge in managing people in today’s competitive business world has become an essential skill for managers. This course teaches you to:

i. Skillfully use the powerful techniques and approaches to build rapport and trust higher and deeper.

ii. Apply the NLP ‘reading people’ body language to understand people better about their unconscious responses or possible next moves.

iii. Better influence others and able to turn around situations better

iv. Acquire skills to anticipate better a situation and thus able to eliminate objections and concerns before they even arise.

v. Apply the communication and presentation techniques to inspire subordinates to perform better.

vi. Design a more functional time management schedule both for self and others.

vii. Able to set goals and achieving them effectively and timely.

viii. Acquire essential skills in team leadership and people development.


Who Should Attend

Senior leaders and leaders who face the media and will inadvertently face the media as a corporate spokesperson or subject matter expert. Being prepared in this area is a useful and expected job skill among leaders.


Course Description

This programme shows you how best to put relevant theories into practices to create and sustain a positive environment in the workplace. For a manager to be effective, their present set of people skills will need enhancement and to some, new skills need to be acquired. The best strategy in managing people in an organisation is to practice them every time. ‘Sharpening the saw’ the 7th principle of Dr. Steven Covey is a MUST principle for today’s managers.



2 Days


Course Outline

Definition and Role of a Supervisor • Leader and role model

• Manager

• Planner and executor

• Trainer and coach

• Friend and counselor

Thinking Positive and Prudent • Why lead must be positive thinking

• Prudent management of resources

• The challenge of being different.

• The role of a true corporate leader

Managing Discipline • What is discipline at work

• Disciplinary procedures

• List of misconducts

• Corrective and punitive discipline

Grievance Handling • What is a grievance

• Addressing a grievance

• Counseling the aggrieved

• Third party intervention

NKP Model in Effective Communication • What is communication

• Building rapport

• Negotiating with people

Managing Conflicts and Resolutions • What are conflicts and resolutions

• Nature of conflicts

• Types of conflicts

• Resolving interpersonal relationships conflicts

Resolving Conflicts in Meetings • What is stress or pressure

• What are the causes of stress

• The effects of stress

• Identifying the stressors

• Make positive stress work for you

Effective Schedule Planning • Develop a Time Management policy for yourself

• Schedule your activities effectively

• Delegate to others for results

Effective Goal Setting • Apply the SMART formula

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