Leveraging Social Media For Business

Leveraging Social Media For Business


Ever feel like technology platforms are changing the business paradigms so rapidly that you feel you no longer understand it?

This course helps you to:

i. Embrace instead of resist changes technology brings.

ii. Look at leveraging social media and new media beyond the much talked about marketing purposes.

iii. Measure resources ploughed into your business’ social media efforts.

iv. Understand why the social media craze is mostly hype unless you use it effectively within a proven psychological framework towards clearly-defined aims that increase your revenue.

v. Combine direct-response marketing tactics with social media to create measurable profit-
boosting results.

vi. Highlight costly social media marketing mistakes and ways to avoid making them.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who appreciates the extent to which technological advances on the Internet have changed the business and competitive landscape, and who wants to capitalise on these opportunities.

Course Description

This programme helps you grasp the full magnitude by which technology has changed the world and teaches you how to fully leverage those opportunities to your advantage. It includes experiential activities, lectures, participative discussions and exercises.


Course Outline

The Evolution of Social Media & New Media • Reviewing the evolution of technology, focusing on social media and new media

• Defining social media and new media

• Learning how digital media is becoming social media

• Appreciating the power of collaborative models

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly • Reviewing how the evolution of social media and new media have affected your business model

• Assessing the threats posed by social and new media

• Grasping the new opportunities that the media revolution has unraveled

• Reviewing the social media platforms and purposes

Marketing Implications • Using social media to increase reach and impact of marketing messages

• Keeping in touch with what’s hot at ground level

• Distributing consumer experiences across social media and new media

• Appreciating how your brand may be evolving without your involvement and the importance of active and deliberate reputation management and damage control

• Understanding how to move beyond merely setting up your Facebook and Twitter accounts, to actually creating a real enthusiastic following of fans loyal to your brand

Social Media “Persuasion Psychology” and the Importance of Authenticity • Learning how to use the social media effectively within a proven psychological framework

• Knowing and following authentically, the kind of manners that are important in social media

Organisational Implications • Understanding the need for new roles and responsibilities that pay more focus on leveraging social media

• Leveraging social media and new media for internal communications to increase efficiency, facilitate collaboration, intensify networking, and cultivate new media literacy

• Learning how to determine which approaches and tools suit your business and your brand

A New Strategy for a New Era • Developing a new strategy specifically for your business and

• Reviewing social media on marketing strategies

• Learning new ways to build presence and reputation on social and new media platforms

• Effectively participating in “communities”

• Learning how to craft your strategy in order to influence hearts and minds, and create a loyal following of fans

 Measuring Returns • Reviewing what can and cannot be measured

• Learning to calculate return on investment (ROI) for expenses and effort relating to cultivating a deliberate social & new media strategy

• Understanding how to create clearly-defined aims and goals, also ensuring that they’re measurable in order to keep track of how your

efforts are bringing the expected ROI

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