Leading The Business Simulation (US-Based Tri-Corp Simulation)

Leading The Business Simulation (US-Based Tri-Corp Simulation)


Organisations that emerge champion in their industry are often backed by leaders with great forward thinking. This simulation enables experiential learning in business strategy and innovation, building and developing teams in order to deliver results.

Overall, this course enables participants to:

i. Increase awareness of their own strengths and know-how to leverage these in long-term personal development.

ii. Acquire a better understanding of business strategy formulation and execution through holistic learning about competitive landscapes, customers’ needs, business value chain and fit.

iii. Develop advanced business acumen in areas such as variance analysis, cash generation, return on assets and ensuring profitable growth.

iv. Learn to expect and predict business environments through exposure to stressful situations demanding innovating and critical thinking, complex decision making, forecasting, risk mitigation and dealing with unexpected circumstances.

Course Description

“Leading The Business” is an experiential simulation that gives participants experience in creating and driving strategy and innovation agendas, building and developing teams and delivering business results. Leaders will have to manage an enterprise while making critical business decisions with major impact.

This simulation provides an intense experiential learning situation so that participants are able to learn all necessary skills in growing and sustaining a successful organisation.

This is done through a series of business simulation phases with different themes where participants will work in their groups to overcome obstacles and achieve intended goals. Reviews with the trainer, peer feedback, networking lunches and debrief supplement the simulation to result in long-term learning.


Course Outline

DAY 1 • Welcome & Introduction

• Simulation Year 1 Q3 (Strategy, Organisational Structure, Decision-Making Process)

• Pitch Out

• Simulation Year 1 Q4 (Finish Strong, Prepare for Next Year)

• Market Analysis (Comparative Financial Systems)

Day 2 • Review/Preview (Team Process Check and Peer Feedback Notes)

• Innovation – A Way of Life

• Operating Review lV

• Simulation Year 2 Q1 (Commit to Plan)

• Operating Review II

• Simulation Year 2 Q2 (Know and Predict Competition, Focus on Strategies)

Day 3 • Review/Preview (Team Process Check and Peer Feedback Notes)

• Sustainability through Communications,

• Trust and Engagement

• Simulation Year 2 Q3 (Product Cycles, New Product Introduction, Innovation Tradeshow)

• Simulation Year 2 Q4 (Short Term vs Long Term Strategies)

• Final Peer Feedback

• Final Operating Review

• Simulation Debrief

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