Leaders Developing Leaders

Leaders Developing Leaders


Leaders Developing Leaders dives into the role of leaders and how to embrace a talent development culture. It will examine best practices in talent management also look into understanding the ‘manager of manager’ role and the right techniques to elevate your ability as a talent developer. In today’s ever increasingly competitive environment, you need the best talent to help your organization win.

This course teaches you to:
i. Understand how to role model a talent development culture.
ii. Review conversations, development options and talent development.
iii. How to access potential – process (observations versus inferences; avoiding common rating errors).
iv. Understand what diversity is and the inclusive environment is – Valuing differences.
v. Understand the mechanics/the model of developing talent.
vi. Understand the framework for building the leadership pipeline in an organisation.
vii.The importance of building global leaders.


Who Should Attend

All levels of Managers – Middle and Senior, Human Resource, those who are interested in understanding role modelling talent development and learning techniques to effectively develop talent and help build bench strength.


Course Description

This course stresses the importance of playing an active role in developing talent in the organisation and how to build the elements of a talent development culture. It is essential to understand the balance between needing to develop people and needing to deliver business results. The programme includes lecture, group discussions, exercises, case studies and videos. It is an interactive and a practical programme.



1-2 Days


Course Outline

Role of Leaders in Driving Talent Management • Identifying the role management can play to role model a talent management culture

• Self-awareness, attributes of the role

Best Practices in Talent Management • Learning the elements of best practices from leading organisations and developing and fine-tuning your own talent management framework

• Exploring developing talent management models specific to your business and direction

Leadership Pipeline • Understanding the competencies at different stages of the leadership pipeline and work plans

• Familiarizing yourself with the skills, time applications, and work values demanded to build and role model talent management

Guidelines for Successful Discussions • Developing talent: coaching techniques in talent management development

• Learning preference and adult learning

Building Leaders and Successful Planning • Discovering how to ensure all leaders work on developing leaders

• Understanding the mechanics of succession planning and how the development of leaders needs to be embedded into the DNA of the organization through the succession planning process