L.E.A.D. – Leadership, Effectiveness, Attitude, Delivery

L.E.A.D. – Leadership, Effectiveness, Attitude, Delivery


Learn to be a world-class leader and maximise you work team to achieve high performance.
This course teaches:

i. Leadership, Effectiveness, Attitude, Delivery.

ii. How to attain a ‘Just Do it’ culture.

iii. How to be business minded.

iv. How to develop automatic sensory awareness of products and services, and how to bridge and close gaps in market demands.

v. How to stop self-sabotaging rituals and limiting beliefs.

vi. How to create mental road maps to meet group deadlines.

Who Should Attend

This is a training orientation programme specially designed for high workplace performance in the ever- changing business world. New staff learns basic work approaches and all-around skills while others learn to break limiting mindsets and create a new paradigm of thinking and drive at work.

Course Description

Here is a people-orientated programme integrating lectures and case studies. It uses mind techniques to create powerful empowering beliefs and uses the sciences of Hypnosis, NLP, Manifestation Science and Scientific Meditative Techniques. It includes simulations, breakout sessions, bonding games and group discussion. Participants will formulate their 90-daymindset goals and milestones via mind programming techniques.


2 days

Course Outline


A Mindset
to L.E.A.D.
– Leadership, Effectiveness

• Learning to get it right – thinking business not just ‘income’

• Conditioning your mind for clarity, attitude & approach at work

• Effective Leadership skills – Learn to how to influence with processes

• Learn to develop and use techniques for leadership

• Understand your business value drivers and why you are a key link to your business team

• Developing the mindset of the Effective Result-Maker

• Learn the rules of the mind to empower your decisions

• Use sophisticated mind techniques to influence your mind for results consistency

• Learn to control your right automated mental response in situations and crisis

• Learn to speak to get attention and influence people

• Reach your peak performance and energy at will

• Scientific meditative session – Align your thoughts for results

A Mindset to L.E.A.D. –Attitude, Delivery

• Learn to get an Attitude for altitude in your results

• Learn to condition your attitude and character with mind techniques

• Eliminate your fears, limiting thoughts and behavior patterns at work

• Mind techniques to focus – The sharper it is, the sharper you are

• Learning to increase your commitment to succeed at work

• Learn to ‘get your head in the game’

• Learn to influence your product, service, offers, and values powerfully

• Learn how you can put people first – It starts in your Heart

• Learn 5 powerful steps to stay focused on your results

• Challenge your excuses

• It is all about your results expectation – Your pattern of excellence

• Learning to always test and measure anything you do – Know your results

• Deliver results, not Intentions – Learn techniques to overcome procrastination

• Create a mental vision & a mission road map – Business goal setting self-enforcement

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