Interpersonal Skills Through DiSC

Interpersonal Skills Through DiSC


Interpersonal Skills Through DiSC is a programme that provides customised course material based on the specific DiSC assessment product selected. We will also share various DiSC products and explore what works best to create positive, long-term change in interpersonal skills. By the end of the course, you would be able to:

i. Understand that different behavioral personality has different ways of interaction.

ii. See how easy it is to start a conversation with a stranger.

iii. Ability to interact with anyone with a different personality.

iv. Aware the type of body language to use and not to use.

v. Competent in handling difficult people.

vi. Improve your communication skills.

vii. Acquire positive words to improve in your conversation with others.

viii. Improve your effective listening skills.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to improve their interpersonal skills.


Course Description

Interpersonal skills are the skills we use to interact or deal with others. How we deal with others can greatly influence our professional and personal lives, improving these skills builds confidence and enhances our relationships with others. People with good interpersonal skills have learned to identify which are the best ways of interacting with others in different situations. In this programme, you will learn that interpersonal skills are easily developed. All these techniques will ultimately help you succeed in today’s challenging world.



1 day


Course Outline


Understanding Interpersonal Skills

• The importance of interpersonal skills in an office

• The link between perception and behavior

• The role of the mind and concept of your future

The Dynamics of People Management

• Your behavior and interpersonal skill

• The advantages of improving people skills

• How to improve your people skills

The Art of Effective Communication

• Using communication to improve relationships

• Barriers to effective communication

• Project the power of your personality with body language

• How to send your message more effectively

Applying Interpersonal Skills at Work

• Steps to improve interpersonal skills

• How to improve your understanding of others

• Secret motivators for predicting and controlling people’s behavior

Active Listening

• Ways to improve your listening skills

• Asking the right questions

• Picking up on the feelings behind the words

• How to maximize a favorable reply

The Art of Handling a Difficult Person or Situation

• Developing an assertive style

• How assertive are you

• Steps to develop an assertive behavior

• Other assertive techniques and workable compromises

• How to project a compelling aura of command

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