Hostage At The Table - The Art Of Leadership And Negotiations

Hostage At The Table – The Art Of Leadership And Negotiations


Hostage at the Table module focuses on you, your leadership styles, your vision, the impact on your team, your organisation and customers. It is based on George Kohlrieser’s award-winning book “Hostage at the Table” which uses hostage negotiations as a basis for exploring your personal leadership patterns. In short, the programme focuses on the core skills you need to consistently deliver outstanding performance. This programme brings pertinent, cutting-edge research into the classroom in the shortest possible time. Hostage at the Table helps you to:

i. Discover your leadership roots and foundations, diagnose your leadership tasks, advance your leadership skills, and develop a personal leadership path that ensures inspiration and resilience.

ii. Develop your own leadership style by understanding bonding, attachment and the grief cycle key to successful negotiations and conflict management.

iii. Build your leadership into a high-performance one by building and developing a high-performing, highly strategic and innovative team through bonding and hostage negotiation tactics.


Who Should Attend

Senior leaders who want to master the art of diplomatic negotiations by achieving desired wants without jeopardizing important relationships.


Course Description

This course is based on George Kohlrieser’s Hostage at the Table, which won the Best Business Book Award in 2007. It gives you insights from hostage negotiation that can be applied in the business world. You will learn how to leverage your strengths and how to focus your mind for success; Discover techniques that successful business leaders, world-class athletes, outstanding musicians, and artists rely upon to achieve great results, and how to create and lead highly effective teams. More importantly, it includes numerous role plays and simulations to give you hands-on and practical experience in negotiations.



1 – 3 days


Course Outline

• Analyze your stories to identify critical patterns for success.

• Prepare your personal leadership lifeline.

• The mindset of high-performance leaders.

• High-performance influence and persuasion to drive change.

• Lead self and lead others at the edge.

• Learn the techniques that hostage negotiators use to change mindsets and behaviors.

• Analyzing leadership success and failure stories.

• Coach for high-performance leadership.

• The latest techniques and ideas for talent development.

• Create and lead high-performance teams.

• High-performance negotiation and conflict management.

• Intense individual feedback.

• The latest techniques to re-wire the brain.

• Personal and professional action plans.

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