Growth Through Innovation

Growth Through Innovation


In today’s competitive market, innovation has been identified as a key success factor across all organisations, SMEs, MNC’s, and GLCs alike. By instilling a culture of innovation, participants should be able to:

i. Identify new and improved business models.

ii. Achieve increased operational efficiency.

iii. Constantly be one step ahead of competitors by revolutionalising old methods of doing things.


Who Should Attend

Middle managers who will be potentially faced with reinventing conventional business models to stay competitive.

Course Description

The Innovation workshop works through the environment of Action Labs where it creates the spirit of a start-up firm. Participants from various functions and divisions work together. Issues are debated in the spirit of your organisation’s best interest. Decisions are made quickly in an interactive forum, where everyone can participate and have a voice. It is designed to equip participants with the necessary skill-sets to encourage innovative thinking at all junctures to move forward in this ever increasingly competitive business environment.
Teams will be also challenged through fun and exciting projects and activities. Participants will learn and discover how they and their team-mates presently approach situations within the organisation and how the approach can be enhanced to provide better outputs.


Course Outline

Using various existing products and situations, participants will be taken through simulations. Participants will use the methodology below to provide a different approach to cultivate innovation and ensure that innovation is not only tackled from an operational point of view and that it stretches to other crucial areas such as product development, human capital management, and financial management.



 • The ‘Observe’ phase walks through a series of activities which  include:
i. Icebreakers

ii. World happenings

iii. Case studies, etc.

• It also includes the challenges of innovation and how entrepreneurship and innovation go hand-in-hand


•The ‘Create’ phase will explore putting together new ideas and thought processes to drive innovation

•Participants will also be challenged to produce ideas on a concept using tools provided


•In the ‘Decide’ phase, participants will be challenged to create value in their business idea and concept and use various commercialisation frameworks to ensure it has a unique selling point


•Participants will be exposed to the ‘Validate’ phase and how innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand


•Participants will be exposed to the ‘Build’ phase and explore organizations that can provide resources in ensuring the idea is commercialized, etc.

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