Gen-Y Orientation For Work Success

Gen-Y Orientation For Work Success


Generation-Ys are a fantastic, unique group of employees and it is essential for any forward-looking organization to take the time to understand, appreciate and nurture their needs. According to the Department of Statistics (Malaysia), Gen Y represents approximately 34 percent of Malaysia’s labor market. Gen-Ys want to quickly progress up the career ladder – either within their own company or with an organization offering this opportunity. Gen-Y Orientation For Work Success teaches you to orientate Gen Y to:
• Learn to conquer intellectually challenging but also meaningful projects.

• Keep them motivated, provide them with a mix of everyday work as well as more challenging projects that offer responsibility.

• Give feedback on performance as frequent encouragement and acknowledgment of their efforts will also reap better work attitudes from Gen Y employees.

• Work/life balance.

• To be heard and valued.

• Regular recognition.

• Work in a fun atmosphere.

• Motivated by challenge and a collaborative environment.

• Usage of technology for mobile advancement and communication.


Who Should Attend

New staff orientation programme for organizational success. These staffs are mainly born during the 1980s and early 1990s. Also open to supervisors who need to orient and align to Gen Y work culture especially if they are from Gen X and the preceding ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.


Course Description

Most people step into a new job with the hope that they will perform their best in order to reach for a higher ranking. Though this sounds easy in reality, it is not. Employees may be good in certain areas but are weak in others, which can be obstacles for them to become effective and dynamic. This programme equips employees with the right skills in order to enhance and complement their existing skills. Our workplace is not made of only bricks and machines but also complicated and sensitive human forces. Being a dynamic employee requires excelling in the areas of knowledge management, communication, marketing, negotiation, persuasion, leadership, management (time, change, stress, conflicts and more), strategic planning, teamwork and public speaking. Mastering these skills enhances one’s professional effectiveness and personal mastery such as self-image, positive mindsets, confidence and constructive interpersonal relationships.



2 days


Course Outline


Special-Rewards for Participation

• Provide rewards for individual and group work
• Provide feedback
• Teach to self-reward

Sheltered–Structured & Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

• Learning-centred workforce
• Clear instructions and expectations of assignments
• Assessment and evaluation milestone
• Daily lesson learning outcomes

Team Oriented – Working well in Groups & Socially Active

• Collaborative learning
• Cooperative learning
• Interactive learning
• Opportunities for in and out of work scope
• Social learning activities

Confident – High level of optimism & Technologically savvy & Want to assist in creating own knowledge

• Provide clear definitions and paths to success in class Include variety of technology in teaching and assignments
• Provide feedback

Pressured – Perform when being judged & Immediate and continual feedback on progress

• Link content to “real life” application at workplace
• Provide feedback in various forms including technological means Timely and scheduled feedback
• Simulations and case work through technology and non- technology instructional delivery

Achieving – Challenges competency and evaluation methods

• Develop well defined competency grade appeals policy Integrate a variety of valid evaluation methods

Conventional-Respect for cultural differences

• Utilise problem solving by integrating sociological situations from a variety of cultures

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