Personal Breakthrough With NLP - Fireproofed Aspirations

Personal Breakthrough With NLP – Fireproofed Aspirations


A Personal Breakthrough Session is a rapid way to achieve significant changes in your personal development. Using expertise in the world’s most powerful personal development technologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), this workshop will assist you to propel yourself in the direction of your desires. It will help:

i. Identify the root of the barriers that participants face.

ii. To develop strategies to eliminate limiting beliefs.

iii. Participants to take ownership of their life and aspirations.

iv. To help remove old emotions associated with failures and negativity when it comes to personal achievement.

v. To shift participants’ paradigm about values, assumptions, possibilities and practices.

vi. To develop effective and comprehensive steps that brings about change and momentum.


Who Should Attend

Senior Level Management who want to be ahead of the curve and achieve new heights; Mid-Level Management who aspires to be in top management in the future; Junior Staff who wish to increase their individual capacity to achieve and meet big goals.


Course Description

The programme is designed to help participants identify obstacles they face in achieving breakthrough in their personal or corporate lives. The course will equip participants with the essential tools to overcome obstacles and do the “impossible” (as ‘possibilities’ is one of the many perceptual labels we obtained from limiting beliefs). The course is highly personalised as participants will learn to develop custom-made strategies for breakthroughs.



2 Days


Course Outline

Identifying the “Real” Problem • Using perceptual positioning to assist participants in realising what and where the real issue lies, and the process of re-establishing possibilities
Setting the Outcome • Learning critical steps on how to set appealing outcomes, thus making breakthroughs easier to achieve
Eliminating Negative Emotions • Identifying and removing unwanted emotions that hinder progress and development. A process that takes minutes to learn and minutes to execute!
Removing Limiting Beliefs with Fire • Challenging old beliefs, especially limiting beliefs from past experiences that stop you from pursuing your desired outcomes
Integrating Parts and Values • Discovering deeply rooted causes and values and reintegrating them to support lasting breakthroughs
Designing Your Personal Breakthrough Session • Using the fast changing NLP techniques to create a highly effective and personalised breakthrough session
Staying in Peak Performance • Developing anchoring techniques that placed participants to peak performance in an instant
Future Pacing Your Success • Learning and designing strategies that ensure continuous movement towards the desired results

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