Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills


Major decisions are often made over meetings and business discussions. Unfortunately, the interactions are often meaningless and at times, counter-productive because they can result in interpersonal conflict and a lot of wasted time. Good facilitation is the key to ensuring meetings run well and are effective. Every employee who attends meetings should have knowledge on basic facilitation and learn how to manage, facilitate and ensure team meetings are productive. Facilitation Skills teaches you to:

i. Build core facilitations skills through the usage of facilitation tools and techniques.

ii. Remain calm, handle heated situations, and manage conflicts in meetings effectively.

iii. Identify disagreements and apply consensus tools to help reach consensus.

iv. Become a certified facilitator and group coach.


Who Should Attend

Employees who need to facilitate groups in a professional context, including team meetings, strategic planning, team building, conflict resolution, and meetings with stakeholders or project teams.


Course Description

Facilitation Skills is designed to improve your facilitation skills by equipping you with the necessary theories/concepts. It also includes simulations, role-playing activities, and interactive workshops. You will also have the opportunity to gain practical experience and receive constructive feedback.



2-3 days


Course Outline


What is Facilitation?

• Understand the role of the facilitator and the facilitation process

Group Dynamics

• Learn how groups work and how to achieve participation

• Understanding group dynamics

• Learn how to handle difficult people

The Skills and Qualities of a Good Facilitator

• Facilitate goal-oriented results through planning, collaboration, and consensus

Know Thyself

• Finding the facilitative style that best suits you

Getting Along

• Build strong rapport with group

Putting out fires

• Learn skills for when issues and conflicts arise

Chunk up, chunk down

• Resolve disagreements using a range of consensus-building techniques

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Resolution Model

• Learn the Killmann model on conflict resolution and practice conflict resolution in teams

Facilitation Skills Tools and Techniques

• Learn various tools and techniques on facilitation including open-narrow- close and other best practices on coaching and facilitation

Managing Teams

• Identify critical success factors of project/meeting management • Develop your meeting agenda

Achieving Actions and Outcomes

• Ensure action and outcomes are achieved

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