Extreme Leadership

Extreme Leadership


Extreme Leadership helps individuals understand leadership in light of context and situation. You will learn that leadership is not a combination of traits to be learnt but diverse extreme traits that need to be internalised and leveraged according to situation and context.

This course teaches you how to:

i. Understand the Extreme Leadership model and its implications.

ii. Audit your leadership style and understand what your current leadership strengths are.

iii. Learn to vary your leadership style according to your audience, context and situation.

iv. Practice leadership via numerous leadership situations and contexts created.


Who Should Attend

Managers of all levels, including project managers, who are looking to strengthen their understanding of leadership and to learn leadership for the 21st century. Ideally, it is an essential for everyone because leadership is not an exclusive talent reserved specifically for senior leaders but for anyone who leads people.


Course Description

This course gives you a holistic view of leadership, including understanding various extreme leadership traits. It includes simulations, role-playing activities, and interactive workshops, which enable participants to practice ‘extreme leadership’ in a safe classroom laboratory setting. It also gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience in being an effective leader.



1-2 Days


Course Outline

Understanding Leadership • Helps you understand that leadership is about situation and context and not about a specific behaviour
The Extreme Leadership Model • Understanding the extreme leadership model and how managing between two extremes is an important skill in leadership
Extreme Traits deep dive

1. Humility vs Assertiveness

2. Visionary vs Detail Oriented

3. Influence vs. Authority

4. Self vs. Community

5. Leveraging Strengths vs. Developing Weaknesses

6. Listening vs. Talking

7. Discipline vs. Creativity

Leadership Extreme Audit • Each individual to go through a personal audit of their leadership extreme traits and understand their current leadership portfolio
Gap Analysis • Understanding key leadership gaps
Building A Leadership Action Plan • Creating a clear development plan to drive leadership growth as an individual and in teams

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