Empowerment Through Effective Delegation

Empowerment Through Effective Delegation


Empowerment Through Effective Delegation will equip you with a systematic approach and effective tools to successful empowerment. Successful empowerment achieves results through the commitment and involvement of others. This workshop allows you to:

i. Understand crucial attitudes that can make or break a delegation process.

ii. Apply suitable approaches for different team members for optimal delegation results.

iii. Able to design a complete and effective delegation plan for your team.


Who Should Attend

Managers, executives and team leaders with team members under them.


Course Description

Delegation is one of the most important management skills – it frees you up to focus on your key responsibilities and at the same time develops and grooms your people. It can also be a tricky balancing act; when not executed well, can frustrate, confuse and even demotivate team leaders and members. Delegation is vital for any business growth especially in this fast moving era, where it is all about extending productivity beyond individual skills and knowledge.



1 day


Course Outline


S.C.O.R.E. Model & Benefits of Empowerment

• Introduce S.C.O.R.E model that will be used as a diagnostic and planning tool towards identifying key challenges in delegation and designing delegation plans

• Experience the benefits of empowerment through group activity

Attitudes Towards Delegation

• Understand and identify crucial attitudes towards delegation

• Design action plans towards cultivating the right attitudes towards delegation

Planning & Communication

• Introduce the structure of a delegation plan

• Role play communicating delegation plan and getting commitment from team member

4 Stages of Delegations

• Understand the 4 stages of delegation and the significance of identifying the stage team member is currently at

• Update the delegation plan taking into account the 4 stages of delegation

Monitoring & Feedback

• Complete the delegation plan with method of on-going monitoring and feedback to ensure all parties continue to enjoy the fruits of effective delegation

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