Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management


Effective Time Management is a workshop that will enable participants to make better use of their time. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

i. Understand and apply the concept and benefit of having SMART objectives.

ii. Describe the barriers that get in the way of effective time management.

iii. Understand the habits they have that might get in the way.

iv. Understand some basic principles and techniques for prioritising.

v. Describe the importance of ‘doing what matters’.

vi.Make better use of time.


Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to improve their productivity. This programme has been designed for staff at all levels and is intended to help participants identify how to make the best use of time and any habits they might need to break.


Course Description

This Effective Time Management course helps participants to deal with themselves and as a result – achieve more! Games, questionnaires, articles, mini- lectures and role-playing or simulation type activities are used to keep sessions as interactive as possible. Participants are given opportunities to explore their present time management skill sets as well as to immediately apply new skills which they learn.



1 Day


Course Outline

SMART Objectives • This module is designed as an ice-breaker type activity and will identify participants’ needs and objectives for being at the workshop. It will also help participants’ set their goals for the day. Participants will learn and apply writing our SMART objectives
The Wedding Planner • Case Study/Simulation to highlight the importance of time management, doing what matters and prioritizing
The Art of Prioritising • This module looks at the concept and tools of urgent vs. important, a concept popularized by Steven Covey in his 7 habits of highly effective people
Interruptions and Time Stealers Participants learn about retaining control of:

• How they use their time

• How to manage interruptions from other people

• How to manage time wasting activities

The Hungry Chick Inn • This enjoyable exercise both tests and teaches participants’ on prioritization, allocation of funds and time and work plan design

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