Effective Selling Skills

Effective Selling Skills


To provide participants with the essential techniques and strategies to understand the sales process and how to position for sales success so that participants will close more sales and exceed their targets.
Participants will learn:

i. The Vital Role of the Salesperson.

ii. First Impressions & Selling Yourself.

iii. Telling is Not Selling.

iv. Why People Will Buy From You.

v. How to Find New Customers & Identify the needs.

vi. Create a strategy for selling & Developing Your Own Sales Plan and Goals.

vii. Plan your sales call & Preparing to Make a Sale.

viii. The 6-step sales process.

ix. Benefit vs Features selling.

x. Make your ideas clear.

xi. Improve listening skills & Develop Persuasive Communication.


Who Should Attend

Anyone in Sales Leadership and Executive functions, such as Key Account, Client Servicing, Trade Marketing, Project Sales, Area/Regional and National Sales Management.


Course Description

To be successful, today’s salesperson must be very well organised, know how to plan a strategy for success, know what to do before, during, and after the face-to-face meeting with the prospect or customer. This workshop is designed to provide you with strategies, tools, and an easy-to-use process for improving your sales efforts.

A professional salesperson, just like other professionals like a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant, must have some strong basic beliefs about one’s profession. These beliefs must form a personal selling philosophy and conviction that during good times or bad times, great times or tough times, will provide purpose and direction to the professional salesperson’s daily work performance and achieve the desired sales results.


Course Outline

Understanding the Role and Traits of a Salesperson • The vital role of the salesperson

• Setting Goals as a Salesperson

• Belief in ourselves – Personal Belief Systems

• Handling the FEAR of rejection

Creating a Strategy for Sales • Why People Buy

• The Six Step Sales Process

Selling Yourself and Your Organisation • First Impressions

• Building Rapport

• Sales Relationship

Leverage on the Powers of Differentiation • Uncovering Needs

• Conditions of Sale

• Selling the Benefits

• What are the benefits of your product?

• Exercise on Benefit Selling

Handling Key Objections and Turning Them into Opportunities • Answering Objections

• Getting Commitment

• Closing the customer

• Assignments: Developing bullet-proof sales approach

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