This course teaches you to:

i. Increase your awareness of personal responsibilities through effective questions.

ii. Design effective coaching framework.

iii. Gain clarity on starting point, objectives and coaching goals.

iv. Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs that prevent performance improvement.

v. Assist coachees to break out from fear of failure.

vi. Apply NLP skills techniques to reprogramme behavioural, emotional and cognitive patterns.

vii. Initiate sustainability and co-create self-sustainability for coachee.


Who Should Attend

HR Professionals, mentors and counsellors, or anyone with the desire to help people overcome obstacles at work and in private in a more professional and effective way. This course is ideal for:

• Senior managers, middle managers and supervisors.

• Human Resource Professionals.

• Councillors, mentors, coaches.

• Teachers, Personal Trainers, Instructors.

• Anyone who requires a set of highly effective coaching skills and techniques.


Course Description

During this course you will be equipped with cutting-edge coaching skills and Mind Management techniques to generate personal change and to bring out the best in your peers, subordinates or clients. You will learn the secrets on how to quickly gain the willing cooperation of your team members through coaching and mentoring skills and ensure sustainable change in their mental models and actions to reach peak performance. After this course you will be fully qualified to deal with and successfully overcome a range of emotional and behavioural challenges in professional as well as private context.



2-3 Days / 4-5 Days


Course Outline

Coaching Fundamentals

• What is Life Coaching and Business Coaching?

• The difference between Coaching, Therapy, Counselling and NLP

• Objectives and mindset of a coach • Morals and Ethics of coaching

Core Coaching Framework

• Clarifying present state and coaching objectives

• Designing coaching frame

• Gaining trust and cooperation from the client and creating effective coach-client partnership

NLP Skills & Techniques

• Creating advanced rapport with the client

• Using the Power of Basic and Advanced Questioning Techniques

• Communication Model

• Identifying limiting beliefs

• Overcoming fear of failure and creating compelling future for the client

• Applying 7-step coaching model

• Reframing of challenges

Coaching in Leadership & Management

• The principles of motivation

• Coaching different kinds of staff

• Constructive feedback skills

Intermediate/ Advanced Coaching Skills

• Identifying logical levels of thinking

• The Importance of Self- Efficacy Beliefs

• Programming mind for behavioural change

• Using the power of hypnotic language