This course will take participants through the entire process of setting up an e-commerce site. Starting from why e-commerce business is important and looking at different e-commerce solutions as we learn how to optimise on the e-commerce platforms, participants will be able to consider how they wish to expand their businesses onto e-commerce. It will also touch on some of the new developments in e-commerce.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

i. Understand the different components that are required to start and run an e-commerce business.

ii. Evaluate your current e-commerce capabilities and platform.

iii. Measure and optimise your e-commerce business.

iv. Appreciate the different forces that consumers consider when making an online purchase and
how you need to optimise on those channels.

v. Learn how to manage multiple promotions and cross-selling opportunities to different customer
segments to maximise your sales potential.


Course Description

This course will provide you with a strong understanding of the different facets that are required in developing an e-commerce business. By focusing on basics and then building up to the cutting edge solutions, participants will be able to decide where on the spectrum they lie and how they wish to tackle this important channel. The programme will look at data analysis to help develop a better e-commerce decision making.



1 day


Course Outline


Setting the Stage

• The e-commerce environment
• The changing consumer
• The global and local competitive environment

Setting up your e-commerce site

• What are the considerations?
• What e-commerce platforms are available?
• What billing platforms are available?

Optimising your website

• Measuring and testing your site
• Optimising your site (the site, the check-out process)

Increasing Revenue

• A look at running promotions
• Cross-selling on your site
• Increasing awareness of your site
• What are the pitfalls to avoid

What’s coming

• F-commerce
• M-commerce
• S-commerce

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